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Invoice can be paid without having to be logged in to whmcs

  • Eduardofsj shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Some customers want to send the invoice to friends or even a family member, the idea is that the invoice could be generated and through the link the customer would pay the invoice without needing the customer to be in their account. this would even facilitate sending the link via e-mail, so that the customer would not need to do the entire process of logging into the account. he was only going to pay the invoice through a "public" link. this link was going to be generated so he could make the payment.
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    Allow customer to pay invoice with no login needed
    We want a way to allow customers to pay their invoices by just follow the link sent their email with no login needed I see this feature in some hosting companies


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Does anyone have some kind of hook for this? This would also be beneficial for our company. Most of our clients prefer to pay instantly via web upon receiviing the invoice. They do not want to be hassled with logging in.

There were some hooks on github making this possible. But the scripts were sadly for older versions or WHMCS and not work with the latest 8.6.x versions.
Agree with this feature and Kane Steuer's comment. There are some customers that order a single product for 3 years or a single service not wanting to create an account or login.
Lacking this feature will rocket whmcs to non-starter status in system decision making. I love this invoice system but I will soon be at the point of needing to make that decision.
This would be hugely beneficial to my company.

Many of my clients are elderly and simply don't use the client portal, it's mostly there for all of the administration tools. Currently, I take their phone call, log in to their account from the admin panel and take their payment over the phone. It would be much better if they can simply click "Pay Online" and enter their card details to process the payment through Stripe directly, without first having to log in to their account.
I agree with this. This would be a great option for customers. I wish WHMCS allow this on their future update. :)
Very much needed here!