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WHMCS Connect Open in New Tab

Currently in Chromium based browsers the WHMCS Connect utility for accessing WHM servers only functions on servers that share a root domain with WHMCS...

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Ability to send invoices to the same clients with different emails on different dates.

Is it possible to send invoice to a client with different emails on different dates, this clients offers different services/products and each services...

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Drop down list for countries to the whois information

HiCan a drop down list for countries be added to the whois information similar to the international telno format

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SADAD Payment System (SADAD) is the national Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

27 Votes
Woocommerce/Wordpress Integration

Hi,Please add a way to integrate Woocommerce/Wordpress and WHMCS so one can buy a product in Woocommerce/Wordpress and all the billing, invoicing, pro...

54 Votes
Add Configurable Options to Bulk Pricing Updater

Currently in order to update product prices for existing clients with configurable options we have to specify the "Current Price" for every...

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Tooltip Product Description

When you mouse over the product / service, you could display the description./supporttickets.php

11 Votes
Add the ability to translate date strings in the Project Management addon

Client area sections of the Project Management addon will show the date in English format regardless of the clients language. For example: Thursday, J...

13 Votes
Project Management Employee Time Sheet Report

in The Project Management module we notice that if we want to give each employee (user) an access to his own time sheet report so we need to give him...

5 Votes
More strings in language files

There are numerous elements not supported by the language files and/or dynamic translation for fields not translated/not supporting translation includ...

20 Votes
Server IPv6 Field

Hello!We are starting to assign IPv6 to clients on CPanel servers for hosting packages.We add an IPv6 range to CPanel and then enable IPv6 for a hosti...

96 Votes
Cleanup tool to prune tbllog_register table

This table gets EXTREMELY large in row size.When performing certain clean up tasks by going to Utilities -> System -> System Cleanup we have too...

6 Votes
Alipay payment gateway

Please add support to alipay gateway!

3 Votes
NS1 and NS2 prefixes on order page

HiMy feedback from customers - most annoying part of the server order for a customer is to understand what should they put to the NS1 and NS2 prefix f...

7 Votes
Invoicing after

Services are allways invoiced in advance. If I set the due date to 1.6.2013 for monthly billing, invoice will be generated for the period from 1.6.201...

42 Votes
Auto Charge Different Services to Different Credit Cards

Now that WHMCS has support for multiple credit cards, I would love to see the ability to select which credit card is associated with which product/ser...

10 Votes
Add Friendly URLs for addon modules

Currently addon modules do not have Friendly URLs like other areas of WHMCS. Besides not being "friendly" to users, the links are not Search...

461 Votes
Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

18 Votes
Add 3 level of tax rule

For Indian User you have to add increase Tax Level rule from 2 to 3.

9 Votes
Spam Control: Add type of "Header" and value regex option

Just about all Spam protection systems include headers in the emails that indicate a spam status. For example most WHMCS users are bound to be using e...