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Show domain of affiliated product in monthly affiliate report

Hi,Requested by one of our clients. He would like to see the domain names of products that generated commissions.We see the whole thing is generated b...

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Improve Stripe statement descriptors

WHMCS stripe module produces very poor statement descriptors in Stripe, as the attached screen shot shows. Is it possible we change anything in WHMCS...

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Order Confirmation Recipient

I would like to suggest having a field to enter to receive an order confirmation. As of today, the only option is through the user role.

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Share contacts between clients

Hello,Sometimes we have the same client with two accounts (because this client can have two companies or more). Since WHMCS 8 we can have one user acc...

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Clients confused regarding "Account details", "Contacts" and "Users".

Some of our clients is a bit confused regarding the difference of the mail registered under "Account details", "Contacts" and &quo...

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Update price percentage

I think it would be nice to have more options to update prices in bulk.How to set a date to apply the new prices, plus you can use percentage as well...

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Date language translation on client area

There are many date fields in the client area not translated.The last 7.5 version only added strings for announcements and not for the client area lis...

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Add Recurring Expenses, Vendors, and Expense Categories to the Transactions functionality.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to manage basic accounting in WHMCS, and the Transactions feature comes close, but is not optimized to manage...

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Add different billing period to the quote

We are operating with different billing period on our quotes. Some times it might be per month, others pr year.It would be nice to have the option to...

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Facebook Pixel Api Conversion

Hello,I request a feature that will definitely be an advantage for WHMCS.Facebook pixel conversion api. Such an integration is a must for a Whmcs-styl...

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Allow us to have more than one SMTP source

It would be very useful if we could use separate SMTP sources for system emails and emails that get sent to clients. For example, that would allow us...

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clients should also have more options to login

clients are also able to use their mobile Number to login their client area or there should be also some options to provide a username or National ID...

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Braintree Payment Gateway

I recommend adding Braintree Gateway that uses their Braintree vault. There is now no third party that has a braintree module that utilises the vault....

39 Votes Integration

Would be great to finally add as an officially supported registrar. They've grown a ton over the years and have an incredibly easy to use...

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Ability to create custom cPanel application links

Hello,This is just a quick idea, it would be great if there was the option to create custom links in cPanel, the option to reference a icon URL, add a...

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Disable Payment Reminder Notifications on a Per Account Basis

The automated 'Payment Reminder Notification' is useful in most situations, however, for clients that have setup automated payments on the day that th...

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Credit Balance overview for clients

Clients have the right to know what happens with their money. What they owe is clearly displayed and managed with invoices. That is for good us, becau...

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Ability to hide pricing information

It would be great to have the ability to hide pricing information from all areas of WHMCS for certain admins/admin groups. Some admins only offer supp...

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Auto Updating Rates With PKR Currency

Hi dear WHMCS team I hope your are doing well.Dear WHMCS team please add PKR ( Pakistani ) currency in auto update rate.I check below page PKR not ava...

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PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.I would like to see this feature in the new PayPa...