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Credit Note in compliance with UK VAT legislation

  • Edith Karnitsch shared this idea 9 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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The refund functionality in WHMCS 5.3.13 is not on accordance with UK legislation.

When a refund is issued, the system must generate a Credit Note with the following details:
  • be headed ‘credit note’ or ‘debit note’ as appropriate and show clearly all the following details:
  • the identifying number and date of issue
  • the name, address and registration number of the supplier
  • the name and address of the customer
  • the reason for its issue - for example, ‘returned goods’
  • a description which identifies the goods or services for which credit is being claimed or allowed
  • the quantity and amount for each description
  • the total amount credited, excluding VAT
  • the rate and amount of VAT credited
  • the number and date of the original VAT invoice - if you cannot do this (for example, because returned goods cannot be identified with a particular invoice), you must be able to satisfy us by other means that you accounted for VAT on the original supply


The current system of issuing a revised invoice contravenes UK VAT legislation and makes WHMCS unusable for UK VAT purposes when it comes to refunds.

The main issue I can see is that currently the date of the refund is not recorded as separate entry, neither is the reason for the refund nor is a unique number applied. The renaming of the document to "Credit Note" should be straight forward.
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    Issue a credit note for unpaid invoice.
    I have an unpaid invoice that i want to cancel, my accountant is telling me that i can't canceled an electronic invoice and that i need to issue a credit note with the exact amount in order to cancel an invoice.This functionality is not something that is currently offered by WHMCS.I'm sure that this is something that every one need and it's defiantly need to be offered by WHMCS.If any one know a temporary salution it will be great, thanks.


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Great to see this is planned. Any timeframe?
Same is a legal requirement for EU countries. As well as stating VAT 0% if there is not VAT, not just hiding the VAT line from invoice.
How is this still not implemented? It's one of the most standard features in all billing systems.
This is also a legal requirement in South Africa & Namibia.

Would be great if the WHMCS team can make this a priority.
It seems, WHMCS team will implement these request on Vote Basis, I hope if all of us vote every month again and again then WHMCS team may know about its importance.
Note : We get 10 Votes per month and we can vote same request every month until its developed.
Kindly create this, similar rules applied to India too.
This must be applied for the next version please...
We had teh same issue, and used a third Party plugin to accomplish it.
me too, but it's still a shame WHMCS ignores this BIG issue.
I just can't comprehend that this only has 84 votes. It either means all other users are not actually businesses with business requirements. I guess its more important to get this voted up for more attention. 84 votes will not do that.
Thats, I guess, because there is an free plugin that works well:
It's unmaintained right now, but still working with the latest WHMCS version.

But, I agree, this should be core functionality!
good to hear, but if i read the open issues, there are still some things not working there. I get it, its complicated to do it right, but as you say ; it should be core functionality. Maybe WHMCS can download this plugin, and make it better :-) the idea is good.

p/s i like to have as little as possible external plugins which can break after an update; so i really like this to be resolved in the core.
Yet some off-brand payment gateway noone has ever heard of gets 2 votes and goes straight to "in progress".
I wonder how many people have simply walked away from WHMCS because of this simple requirement they can't seem to comprehend!
What's the alternative? Please, I'm begging you!
Dont hold your breath! I have been waiting for this feature literally for years and gave up on it! the planned status means absolutely NOTHING except to keepm the community quiet and stop them from bothering them about things they do not want to implement.
Status: Planned
Responsible: None

Way to go, WHMCS.
Hehehehe lol...
whole of Europa for that matter but hey ; why would whmcs implement it, its not like its a billing system or something. oh.. wait.
If this has been 'planned' for 4 years I doubt adding another comment will make a difference, but this is also an accounting/legal requirement in New Zealand.