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  • Manuel Pinnecke shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Integrations

Is it possible to integrate it into whmcs keyhelp yes there is an api available



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It is a free web hosting control panel which seems pretty nice. Would be awesome to use it with WHMCS...

I would be interested in this addon as well. This would allow automation to create a webspace or add domains from WHMCS. I don't have a license yet, but this would definitely be a reason for me to purchase a license from WHMCS.
Hi Manuel,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Can you please share some more information about the KeyHelp service, and how do you foresee it integrating with WHMCS? What problem would it solve for you?

KeyHelp is a Servermanagement system for Webhosting made in Germany show:

Im self interessted to get a license of WHMCS for it ^^

Thank You
Hi John,

seems that Manuel not answer, but i will do it! :)
I am CEO of a IT Company and we need a new All in One Tool.WHMCS seems to be the best for our use with all the plugins, lovely!

But one problem is that we changed from Plesk to Keyhelp but Plesk is comming in the last years more and more bad, problems they can´t be fixed only 500 Error and all that things.

Keyhelp is going bigger and bigger and is the best software to manage Webhosting and all of that.

Please take a look here:

Would be lovely if you can integrade it please.