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Client group discount policy per product

The client groups that exists now if you assign a discount it will be applied to all products.
I would like to have the ability to have different discounts policies per domain names and per hosting package.


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I think this is a MUST feature and must be added...
yes the discount should be separated by category, i.e. to exclude domains.
If I only wanna give 50% discount on hosting but not on domain, I cannot set the domain slab price to double price for this group so I get the real price after discount.
And if I wanna give 100% discount on certain category, the domain gets free even I set a specific domain slab price.
This option is very necessary
This is the reason we are not using group discount. I don't understand why WHMCS guys do not consider this necessary option!

It is really required.
I think it makes no sense to do a single discount on both domains and products because discount domains is already possible (maybe not so easy) using the price domain slab.

So, I'd like to see this feature too
Pretty please?
Yes, this is causing major problems and it should be moved to the next step. It's been under consideration for long enough, don't you think?
Nothing until this day??? C'mon guys! I need the client group discounts to be applied to some specific cases, not ALL everything!!
I really don't understand why this is not built in to WHMCS yet.

I have setup a workaround for this for my hosting company.

1. Create a free hidden product (something like VIP10)
2. Create a promotion (VIP10) that only works on the products you want discounted and requires your clients to have the product listed above (VIP10), make sure you have "Also allow existing products in account to qualify for promotion" and "Lifetime Promotion" checked
3. Add the product VIP10 to your clients that you want to give the discount to
4. Inform your clients to use the code VIP10 when they sign up for service

The promotion will only work for clients with the VIP10 product on their account.
We might create and release such a module. Join our Modules Contest and make a vote for Discount Center For WHMCS.
i'm not sure if this is the same thing or not. but what happened to us is if we create a domain discount coupon code for all users regardless new or existing, it will also give the same discount to the reseller even though there is already a slab price for them. would be best if in the promo code creation we have the ability to create percentage for slab/ client groups (resellers) and use the same coupon code.
Yes, sure it's a big issue.
I was going to request this today! HostBill have this feature to allow promotion codes to be automatically applied to client groups - extremely good if you have resellers so you can put them into a group and have an automated promotion code applied to all orders from them (or to certain items).
This must be something that we can customize so we can pick certain items that qualify for the discount but can be automatically applied to certain client groups (E.g. 20% recurring to group "L1 Partner", 30% recurring to group "L2 Partner" etc.)
This is something I would love to have implemented!
I would like to see this too. As i use my whmcs for a number of sites, but i only want certain Client groups to only work with Hosting related products / Services