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Add Ability to Add a New Stripe ACH Payment Method from the Payment Methods Screen

Currently, the only way to add a new ACH payment method to a client's account when using the Stripe ACH payment gateway is when physically paying an i...

69 Votes
Paypal Payments Advanced

Anyone looking into implementing this as an option to future WHMCS updates? It looks pretty good from my standpoint and I would love to use it along w...

69 Votes
Add Late Fee to Future Invoice

We find that our Clients that pay with a check often remit payment for original invoice amount instead of the updated amount. Meaning, they don't cov...

63 Votes
Invoice can be paid without having to be logged in to whmcs

Some customers want to send the invoice to friends or even a family member, the idea is that the invoice could be generated and through the link the c...

57 Votes
Hook for tax calculation

Since WHMCS can't calculate different tax categories per product (tax A and tax B on product X and tax A only on Product Y) we would need to be able t...

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56 Votes
Stripe BECS Direct Debit Payment Gateway

Hi ,It would be fantastic if we could integrate Stripe BECS into WHMCS. You currently already have SEPA and ACH so I'm hoping it isn't too difficult t...

55 Votes
Weekly billing option

I need this feature to be able to sell online advertising as customers are used to weekly billing with adwords, Facebook...

48 Votes
Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invo...

48 Votes
Add Configurable Options to Bulk Pricing Updater

Currently in order to update product prices for existing clients with configurable options we have to specify the "Current Price" for every...

47 Votes
loyalty system

I would be good to see a loyalty system, like the affiliate's but this would reward customer for staying with you. so say they spend £10.00 they woul...

47 Votes
Stripe UK Direct Debit

Direct debits via Stripe UK have been publicly released and would like you to reconsider the decision to implement such a gateway:

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44 Votes
Stripe WeChat Pay

Recently Stripe added the support of wechat pay , can we able to see the support for this. Wechat is used by more than 600 million customers. That sho...

43 Votes
Allow for US Based Taxes based on Counties

In the United States for the State of Ohio our tax rates are based on each county in the state. Allow WHMCS to setup tax rates based on zip codes in...

38 Votes
Domain Renewal Pricing Override Hook request

Please add renewal functionality to orderdomainpricingoverride hook or create a new hook to allow overriding of pricing of domain renewalsExisting hoo...

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37 Votes
Neteller Payment Gateway

I am requesting an official WHMCS Module for Neteller Payement Gateway. They offer few payments with really cheap transactions.

36 Votes
Remove addons displayed on Invoice when not purchased

Currently add-ons are shown on every invoice for the product associated even if they are not purchased. Agreed they should be available as an upgrade...

35 Votes
Monthly Billing over a fixed term contract

I would like to bill per month for a product which has a fixed 12 or 24 month term (a term contract would have lower monthly payments than a no term c...

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33 Votes
Auto Charge Different Services to Different Credit Cards

Now that WHMCS has support for multiple credit cards, I would love to see the ability to select which credit card is associated with which product/ser...

33 Votes
Invoice Usage Billing Monthly for Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Products

The "SnapShot" Usage Billing actually is recommended only to the monthly billing cycle, but this does not always represent the reality of th...

33 Votes
Option for multiple free domains

Hi,in germany it is very common, that you get more than one domain for free, when ordering a hosting package. I feel like germany is the only country...