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Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

  • Dave M shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invoice and sometimes I need to add a line item in the middle of the invoice because that's where it would belong. How can I easily add a blank line to a WHMCS invoice in the middle of that invoice? Here's an example of what I mean:

To add a line in the middle of a current invoice I have to copy-and-paste everything down one line. It's super annoying and time consuming!

I suggest add a simple "+" button by the lines on a WHMCS invoice so if I click that it will add a line in that position on the invoice (and it shifts everything else down).

This is not a trivial request and I am sure many others would appreciate this functionality, especially since it wouldn't be hard for you all to implement. It's been over two years and I still have a need for this SO OFTEN! Counting on the WHMCS Team to get this added for me!


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Just had to do this today for a large invoice and it was super annoying... can we please get this feature added?

Anyone else use WHMCS for billing and find not being able to insert a line in the middle of an invoice very inconvenient?
+3 - If these invoice lines items can leverage the same feature you folks implemented for the ability to move project tasks (which is great by the way), I think that would be very beneficial. I am often stuck doing the same as Dave M mentioned below to get around it.
Added another 3 votes to my original 3 I added over a year ago. Also, does anyone know of a feature request to change the billing item from a single-line entry to allow multi-lines? Then we could make it a bit cleaner when describing a single billing item that requires just a little more in-depth, vs looking like a run-on sentence.
Just went through and had to copy-and-paste 15 lines of an invoice all because I wanted to add a line near the top of the invoice. There has to be an easier way! Please implement this feature.
Thanks @John, yes, I just was adding a line to the middle of a draft invoice the other day and manually had to move down 20 entries to put the entry in the right place. We keep track of our billing in WHMCS and add entries to the current open draft invoice until we bill our client for the month. This feature would take this process from a nightmare to something super-useful and intuitive. Also looking for info if anyone knows if there's a plugin that does this already?
Seems to be such an obviously useful feature, manual invoicing for support work and services is an absolute pain in WHMCS.
Anybody know of a plugin or theme, paid or otherwise that can do this?
@john, what are the required votes to get it implemented? If I look at the planned and in progress section, more then have 15 or fewer votes...
Hi Jurgen,
There isn't a set threshold to for a suggestion to automatically be implemented. For more information please review our FAQ:
It's been a very long time since I originally proposed this idea. I'm thinking this cannot be that hard to implement and would save so many a lot of time. Can we get this added to the "to complete" list guys?
Hi Dave,
With 6 votes, this request hasn't made it up there just yet. Please continue to advocate for the feature's your passionate about, and if other users add their votes, we can potentially consider in future!
Yes, this is critical and we're getting no response!
Yes, this needs to be implemented. Or make the lines draggable, like drag en drop. Specially for quotes.
Yes, this is needed. Specially for the quotes. Or even the possibility to simply change the order of the lines, like drag and drop.
It's been a year. This won't be a hard request to implement... can you please add it to next build?
Any word on this feature getting added guys?
Yes PLEASE, and the same for Quotes. It's annoying to have to save every time I want to add a line item, so a button that can insert a line item would be lovely.