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Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invoice and sometimes I need to add a line item in the middle of the invoice because that's where it would belong. How can I easily add a blank line to a WHMCS invoice in the middle of that invoice? Here's an example of what I mean:

To add a line in the middle of a current invoice I have to copy-and-paste everything down one line. It's super annoying and time consuming!

I suggest add a simple "+" button by the lines on a WHMCS invoice so if I click that it will add a line in that position on the invoice (and it shifts everything else down).

This is not a trivial request and I am sure many others would appreciate this functionality, especially since it wouldn't be hard for you all to implement. It's been over two years and I still have a need for this SO OFTEN! Counting on the WHMCS Team to get this added for me!


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Yes, this is critical and we're getting no response!
Yes, this needs to be implemented. Or make the lines draggable, like drag en drop. Specially for quotes.
Yes, this is needed. Specially for the quotes. Or even the possibility to simply change the order of the lines, like drag and drop.
It's been a year. This won't be a hard request to implement... can you please add it to next build?
Any word on this feature getting added guys?
Yes PLEASE, and the same for Quotes. It's annoying to have to save every time I want to add a line item, so a button that can insert a line item would be lovely.