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Add Late Fee to Future Invoice

  • Hanan Wilson shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

We find that our Clients that pay with a check often remit payment for original invoice amount instead of the updated amount. Meaning, they don't cover the late fee and we have to call/email them...which gets confusing and adds stress to an already tense situation.

I would like the system to generate a new invoice for "non-monthly subscription" products or append the Late Fee to the next invoice for "month-to-month subscription" products.

For example, if "Monthly Invoice 1" is Late, "Monthly Invoice 2" will include a line item for "Late Fee". However, if "One-Off Invoice" is Late, "Late Fee" invoice will be generated. Same goes for "Quarterly Invoice 5" or "Annual Invoice 3".

Make sense to everyone?

Thanks for considering!
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    Late fee's on a different invoice
    The problem: Most of my customer wont enter into whmcs to see the latest invoice. So they came into our office and pay the first they have. If the payment is late they never notices about the late fees. We like to add late fee's on a different invoice or better, automatically added into next invoice.
    Late fee added to future invoice
    I feel that late fee's should be added to a separate invoice. Either an invoice by itself or added to the next invoice that is generated.My clients are businesses, not individuals. Consequently, many of them will only pay by mailing in checks for services. However, when a client cuts a check for the amount that was invoiced, and then mails out the check, they are expecting that check to pay that invoice. But then WHMCS see's that the invoice hasn't been paid yet, so let's go ahead and change the invoice by adding a late fee. Don't get me wrong, when a client is late, they need to be charged a late fee. However it's just wrong for me to change the invoice that they have already made a check out for.Anyway, when I post the check, it still shows the invoice as unpaid even though it's just the late fee that is unpaid. So I decide to move the late fee over to the next invoice. Well, that doesn't work either because the client has already received the email that was sent out showing them the amount of the invoice without the late fee. So it get's confusing for the client.It's surprising to me that this feature hasn't been added sooner. We should be able to choose how late fees are applied to invoices, but under no circumstances should an invoice be changed.A potential idea might be to add a priority level to invoices where the late fee invoice must be paid first or concurrently with the next invoice. Or maybe even adding a past due amount to invoices.Please add this feature.


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We need this!
I agree 100+ with fragger
There is a module available in the Marketplace:
This feature must be developed asap. We must be able to add custom late fee to our services / products so when a service become overdue to be automaticly the late fee calculated inside the overdue invoice. Wee must have this feature inside each service to add a late fee amount or percentage, cause if we add it later to the invoice customer will be confused. It is better way to have the ability to add an extra fee to each srervice cause each service has different cost for re enabling. So please give as the feature to add late fee to each service and not to an invoice generally. Thank you.
Hello, add aditional fee to overdue invoices must be included but also, to have the abillity to add to each servvice / product custom fee for delay inside each service. Cause if we put it after the invoice is overdue it will not understand it. So it is better to add a function where we will be able to add an amount or a percentage to each service or to a group / category of services so to calculated automaticly for each service. We canbnot add to all services / products same late fee cause are different services with different fee for re enable them. So a feature like this, to add inside each service a late fee amount or percentage is a must be done asap!!!
Yes, an already existing and send Invoice should not be editable anymore. In Germany thats not allowed, if the invoice is wrong, then you need to cancel this an create a new one.
This should be implemented, you know for even legal purposes.
They already offer that for the grace period of the domains so why not for the invoices. Shouldn't be hard.
This is a huge problem for us! Another even bigger problem is the fact that this feature request has been in the queue for 6 years!!
+1 . Much needed! Changing a invoice is a big no-no
Yes, having a feature where late fees are added to a new invoice is a great idea.
In Argentina, once the invoice has been issued against AFIP, it cannot be modified. That is why we simply need the top-up recharge to be applied on the next invoice. If not, we have no way to modify it once done. We hope you can develop this functionality. Thank you.
We face the same situation monthly with our customer base.

What if we turned this late fee thing round into a early payment discount. That would be more understandable to most customers and they would actually look forward to paying earlier. It's positive feedback in stead of negative feedback and would greatly reduce tension. We could simply say - oops you missed the early payment discount. Better luck next time.
YES...we need this every month!
needed this 3 years ago and still need this today ;(
Really good idea! Would use that, too!