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Weekly billing option

  • forestis shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

I need this feature to be able to sell online advertising as customers are used to weekly billing with adwords, Facebook...


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This is needed. It will help clients with their cash flow. Instead of subscriptions monthly allowing a client to pay weekly would be so helpful.
My clients get paid weekly or fortnightly. I need the ability to bill them on the same basis
My clients get paid weekly or fortnightly. I need the ability to bill them on the same basis
I agree this needs to be a feature.

"Billable Items" aren't the same
The functionality is there in "Billable Items". Why can't WHMCS implement that to products/services as well?

We desperately need a weekly billing option.
Billable items sort of works but what caught me out is you can't specify if the billable item is taxable or not.
Also, there are at least 3 other threads with similar ideas. So in reality there are many more people (more than 100) than just 26 who currently liked this feature to adjust billing cycle... See these:
Hi there,
Thanks for your votes and comments thus far. With just 26 votes over the past 5 years, this is not currently at the top of our list at this time. Please keep voting and generating interest in this idea, and if it increases we can certainly consider picking up this kind of feature.
Sir, there were several other requests related to this one.
One of them actually has over 100 votes although it is for billing periods longer than 3 years but it is essentially the same thing
This has been "Under Consideration" for a really long time. Any chance we're gonna see this happen sometime soon? :-/
We have a custom script which hooks in and uses the API to handle weekly invoices, but we're essentially "stealing" the triennial setting in WHMCS to accomplish this which of course throws off reporting, looks silly, and other things. It's long time WHMCS adds a weekly billing option and given what we scripted with little effort, this should not be hard for WHMCS to accomplish properly.
We also offer products and services where alot of people will only use it one or two weeks.

Would be for us to allow them to use the service at a lower cost knowing they will only use it 1 week.

Can't wait to have is working :)
Crons now run every five minutes so hourly billing shouldn't be a problem - as a hosting / design firm it is essential we have a automated process for handling our payment plans $800 over 8 or 12 weeks (using the terminate after x period feature).

Thousands of reasons to have this feature its discouraging that I have to look for a 2nd solution or look at custom implementations when it seems other billing systems started with such a feature.
Automatic terminate after x day will confuse customer, It will show monthly billing and what If customer want to continue?

+1 because of This feature is already supported by Blesta (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/etc)
We find it quite amazing that WHMCS doesn't have the option to bill by cycles shorter than a month.

Many SaaS companies out there would like to have the ability to bill by the day/week and not by a month+.

We truly hope that WHMCS will decide to deliver this solution since technically, it shouldn't be hard at all.

Thanks for your consideration!
I really do need to have a weekly billing option. My clients only need to have services for a week at a time to do exams testing and studying
It may be difficul to get hourly billing, as cron task runs daily, but would be great if we can specify both the units and the measure with just a text box and a dropdown:
Select recurrence: X (days|weeks|months|years)
I would like to see hourly, daily, and espeically weekly billing as well.