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Ability to add more billing cycles than 3 years

james bond shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

This is a very important feature to allow us to add more than 3 years billing cycle in my point of view. When we sell a product like SSL, these can be sell for more than 3 year with more discount. At least up-to 7 years billing cycle is needed.

What you guys think of this feature, please do vote if you agree with me.

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Why have any crude limit on term, it should be flexible and dynamic to the core.

It is unwise whmcs team continued with same old logic especially they are lacking in terms of how packages are built altogether.

There should be two way to create package,

  • Template based where existing whmcs logic will allow users to easily create package with fixed logic.
  • Advanced mode for expert users, where many things can be made customizable and dynamic


I totally agree to Yashodhan Kulkarni post


This is a very good idea! We want to sell hosting for 5 or 10 years.