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Ability to add more billing cycles than 3 years

  • james bond shared this idea 9 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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This is a very important feature to allow us to add more than 3 years billing cycle in my point of view. When we sell a product like SSL, these can be sell for more than 3 year with more discount. At least up-to 7 years billing cycle is needed.

What you guys think of this feature, please do vote if you agree with me.
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    Add new price for product/services
    Sometime, Customer want to by hosting in 4 years, 5 years or 10 years. But whmcs has only 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.Developer can custom prodcut/services and add new price to product.


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I really need this feature. We are offering 5 years of hosting & SSL
With 119 votes, why isn't this 'gathering feedback' or 'planned'? Market connect in the way again?
Hi there,
With an average of 13 votes per year, this isn't currently on our roadmap. But please do keep advocating and voting for this idea to help it gain more traction!
I think WHMCS might be hesitant since this would also allow scammers to sell 5 to 10 packages, move the money, close shop and run. Anyone in the industry and understands how it works knows that many companies, even some with good intentions, don't last 10 years, with some struggling at 5 years. Now imagine being the customer who paid 10 years, only to get an email in the third year that the company is closing (if they're polite enough to do so), and the 7 years left over won't be refunded.

There would need to be some verification that someone would be allowed to use the 5-10 year option. Hosting is unregulated where anyone can become "a host" and do as they please, where other industries will have some rules in place to prevent scams. It doesn't put a complete stop to scams, but it does make it a lot harder, whereas with a 5 to 10 year option, someone could walk away with tens of thousands of dollars since some packages, one year alone is worth a thousand dollars. Now times that 5 to 10 years, times whoever pays that.
Fair point, but it is not WHMCS's job to impose limits based on what someone might or might not do. They are not the internet police.
That said, their culture sucks. They ignore decent suggestions, treat some bugs as intended behaviour and fail to reward any bug bounty for genuine bugs.
I have given up contributing to them.
I fully agree. It's just one of those things where if a scam happens, its better to find ways to not be a part of it, but you're right, they can't tell anyone what they can or cannot do, although in essence, when they ignore some features that just make sense for all of us over the years, they are telling us what we can or cannot do. There are some features that 3rd parties are probably making a lot of money from that should have easily been included in the base model.
I think in 10+ years I've reported two Nulled copies. All you get is a Thank You. At least a month free would be a nice incentive, but overall, it helps the community. In the real world, if you saw a crime and called the cops, all you would get is a thank you...and if what you witnessed helped the case, you would now have to take time off work to answer questions and go to court. Now you're losing money being a witness, but overall, if helps the community.
WHMCS probably gets 1000 suggestions a year, and how many of those do they follow through on? 2?!?!??!
It's a very good option to be able to provide hosting for 5 or even 10 years. The best idea is to make it customizable, so everyone can select more/different billing cycles. I want to be able to provide offers for 5 or 10 years.
In our case, we have had repeated inquiries from corporate clients who want to pay for hosting plans for up to 5 years, but the process has become difficult for us since we have to "cheat the system" to be able to do so.

It would be very useful to have more additional options than just 3 years, or to be able to have this customized.
In our case, we have had repeated inquiries from corporate clients who want to pay for hosting plans for up to 5 years, but the process has become difficult for us since we have to "cheat the system" to be able to do so.

It would be very useful to have more additional options than just 3 years, or to be able to have this customized.
7 years later, still unsolved. :-(
Hello we have clients who ask for 5 years hosting & ssl
Given that we can now sell SSL certificates that are good for five years, this is suddenly much more critical. I just sold one but cannot properly bill them for it.
Hi Jon,
I'd be interested to hear which issuer is selling 5 year SSL certificates, given that the maximum validity period accepted by browsers is about to change to 1 year max:
Several are. The customer pays for the certificate for up to 5 years and it is re issued with a new key every year by the provider.
Digicert, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL are all doing the same.
SSL certificates are now offered as a kind of subscription, just have a look at the Sectigo website. The certificate you receive is only valid for 1 year, but you will receive a new one every year, so you can save money if you decide to purchase a longer term.
Most of the major companies have a subscription plan.
This is a very good idea! We want to sell hosting for 5 or 10 years.
I totally agree to Yashodhan Kulkarni post
Why have any crude limit on term, it should be flexible and dynamic to the core.
It is unwise whmcs team continued with same old logic especially they are lacking in terms of how packages are built altogether.
There should be two way to create package,

  • Template based where existing whmcs logic will allow users to easily create package with fixed logic.

  • Advanced mode for expert users, where many things can be made customizable and dynamic

Please add 5 and 10 year as options for billing periods or the ability to set up which billing plans we want to use. I have many customers who wish to pay in advance for more than 3 years. If this isn't possible, the ability to edit what is currently there would also be beneficial/resolve my issue. I don't have anyone set up for 3 years and only 1 or 2 using biannually - if we had the ability to edit this area, I could change those to 5 and 10 years. We should be able to pick and choose how many/what billing options are available for each product that we offer.

Thank you for your consideration!
I agree With you, it's necessary for many other products, they need to add 2 more column in database to add 5 and 10 year billing.
Hope WHMCS team will consider your request, but it's already 6 year old.
please add 5 and 10 years renewal cycle to whmcs v7.7