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324 Votes
No payment required on $0.00 orders

If the client is purchasing a free product or using a coupon code that brings the total down to $0.00, they're still required to choose a payment meth...

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41 Votes
Staff Payroll

I think there should be a feature to handle out going payments, have a section where admin's can define staff members, control their base wage / salar...

57 Votes
Allow users to enter their own password during ordering process

During product or service check out allow users to enter their own password. Then check password against standard security password guidelines that...

14 Votes
Inform user of Fraud Call prior to placing call.

When using maxmind or other fraud modules that place a phone verification call, the user should be informed this will take place and confirm via check...

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236 Votes
Support Pin Code

Similar to Namecheap and GoDaddy and Support Pin the user can find in the Client Area would make Support Calls a lot easier to verify the owner of the...

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553 Votes
Billing Term Change

Clients have the ability to change the Billing Term via the Client Area or even a link to request the term to be changed.

22 Votes
Self Service Account Statement

WHMCS needs a overall of the whole invoicing system along with statements etc. Either to follow along the lines of Xero and/or the ability to connect...

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53 Votes
Easy DNS Setup

The domain section had made huge leaps in the last couple of releases but it would be good to have an function using the cPanel API that would allow t...

21 Votes
Pre-filling country code

Pre-filling country code (editable field) based on selected country in telephone field at register and signup forms.

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50 Votes
Ticket system - Possibility to assign to a specific staff

This is helpful when i have all staffs from that department busy, so i can sign to another one just inviting him.I cant have all staffs in the same de...

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19 Votes
Control: Cash flow and accounts payable and receivable

have a flow control for administrative accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as all connected to a cash flow and may even perform manual e...

82 Votes
Service contracts and retainers

Retainers (prepay for an amount of tickets and/or time).Service contracts (pay for monthly support, maybe a retainer wich you are able to subscribe to...

10 Votes
Live search population for Knowledge Base Articles.

Not sure if I missed an addon or plugin but the knowledgebase search bar should show live instant search results sort of like the Google Instant Searc...

86 Votes
Ability to Move Invoices between clients.

It would be very useful to be able to move invoices the same way we can move orders. The order would remain with the original cusotmer but the invoice...

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170 Votes
Hourly Billing

It would be very nice if hosting bills were calculated hourly instead of daily. Our hosting is all cloud servers and it is very reasonable for someone...

104 Votes
Domain Addons

Right now it doesn't look like there are configurable options or add-ons that we can specify for domains? It looks like I have to create separate prod...

68 Votes
CSV Import Utility for third party imports.

It would be great if we could have some generic import scripts for new customers / those migrating from other platforms for which a specific set of im...

39 Votes
Non-latin characters transformation in the SEO-friendly URIs

The SEO-friendly URL generation function removes non-latin letters. But some of them are important letters that should be transformed to their closest...

363 Votes
Colo/Dedicated Server Management Addon

While WHMCS does in fact allow us to manage the sale and billing for Dedicated Servers, we do not have the ability to actually manage them from within...

37 Votes
Neteller Payment Gateway

I am requesting an official WHMCS Module for Neteller Payement Gateway. They offer few payments with really cheap transactions.