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Add Whois Queries on a different port (besides port 43)

  • Adnane Amiri shared this idea 8 years ago
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As many other clients I found it impossible to run the domain checker since my host closed port No 43.
I hope you'll consider my proposition and add WhoIs queries on other ports.


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Thanks for your feedback. The port can be specified for individual whois servers, so if you are aware of a whois server operating on a different port, it can be overwritten by following these instructions:
These are web whois using http instead of whois protocol. That is not the same and even if it would be, your problem is not solved.
Still, there are whois servers listening to port 80 (for example).
You may consider that the whois servers that are queried by your request are listening to Port 43. If your provider does not allow this (why the heck?) you are lost.