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Add Client Credit Hook

Currently WHMCS does not process credits until AddTransaction or AddInvoicePayment completes - meaning there is currently no way to hook into WHMCS and determine whether or not a transaction will result in a credit being applied to a client or not.

I propose that either WHMCS look into adding a new hook specifically for Pre/Post account credit, or that they modify the existing AddTransaction or AddInvoicePayment hooks to incorporate whether or not client credit is added.


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We really need this since if the gateway payment provider send the payment before the invoice is generated terminates into the credit system, without a hook process we need to process manually in our accounting, generating delays to customers and some time bad ratings.
WHMCS team, we really need a hook for credits please
Hello, any news from Whmcs team ? It's an important feature to add, no way to get credits...