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e-mail template preview

WHMCS offers no way of checking to see how an e-mail will look once you've edited it, short of making a fake account or waiting until a customer recei...

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Re-generate invoice on product/service billing frequency change

When a product/service's billing frequency is changed, say from monthly to quarterly, etc...the system doesn't always auto create invoices at the new...

9 Votes
Capability to see Message header on each ticket reply

We would like the capability to see Message header on each ticket reply.This is very helpful when tracking spam and other mail issues.

3 Votes
Update Product Pricing for exisiting clients (not using base currency)

From what I know, it is not possible to bulk update the pricing of a product for existing clients.Example: client A use CNY for billing since 10 years...

3 Votes
Store Google Fonts local (GDPR Compliance)

If you are using Google Fonts embedded on your site, the Google server needs to collect the IP addresses of your website users to send them the Google...

12 Votes
Update price percentage

I think it would be nice to have more options to update prices in bulk.How to set a date to apply the new prices, plus you can use percentage as well...

3 Votes
PayPal "Pay In 4" Option

Hi Team, I would like to propose that the new PayPal "Pay In 4" feature is added to the PayPal Payment Gateway.I personally do not like usi...

17 Votes
Only display applicable servers in Network Status

We are regularly contacted by clients who have seen a notice on our "Network Status" page, but it relates to a server they do not have an ac...

38 Votes
Announcements base image upload (just like the Knowledge base image upload)

I love the fact that "Knowledge base" will in the new version be able to support the image upload functions.That will nt be too complicated...

15 Votes
Build more of the site via the WHMCS Admin GUI area.

To some degree I'd imagine that creating custom templates will always require some custom coding, but there are several things about WHMCS that should...

19 Votes
Wave intergration

This is something that would really help small to medium businesses .As 80% of my business runs of wave and adding in a online service (WHMCS) that mo...

0 Votes
Prorata Billing of domain addons

Services like ID Protection (also known as Contact Privacy) and managed DNS (or Premium DNS) are usually billed yearly by domain name registration ser...

4 Votes
Discount Price setting with out promo code

I think Like 2 types price setting needed for product services Like 1st month $10 then 2nd month $20 and discounts price with out promo code

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Bulk move of services / domains to another client

Sometimes, there's a client who need to bulk move their services or domains to another client account. This activity really painful when we need to do...

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Bulk Nameserver Change

I have clients with 100+ domains and IF they need to be moved to a new server, it's a real headache. It would be helpful to select ALL or select a bat...

3 Votes
GoCardless / Direct Debit - Ability to setup new mandate from the 'Payment Methods' screen

Currently, it is only possible to set up a Direct Debit mandate through the invoice itself, rather than against the 'Payment Methods' screen.I think l...

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Restore Fee for Customers

Is there an option for me to charge customers a restore fee, so after 30 days if they have not paid for their hosting it instantly adds on a restore f...

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Add support for IONOS formerly 1and1 domains

IONOS is one of the most popular domain registrars. Please add a module for IONOS domains.

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Order notes that show up on the generated invoices

I have a few customers that have multiple orders of the same product. However, each of their orders is associated to different projects. When they r...

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Stripe option for one-time and recurring payment to clients

Hi,It would be great if we can get an option on payment page to select one-time or recurring payment option for Stripe gateway. This will give a choic...