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19 Votes
Different Payment Terms/Invoice Generation Dates for Different Customers

I would love to see an option to customize payment terms based on the customer. Some of our larger customers who take a long time to process payments...

60 Votes
Client upgrades should offer configurable options and confirmation

Client side upgrades should offer the various different options before producing a pro-rata price for the client (and then asking them if they want to...

15 Votes
Change auto update exchange rates daily with FloatRates FEED

Hello WHMCS Team,Please change the exchange rate FEED to FloatRates FEED because most currencies are available and add changing customer product price...

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24 Votes
Auto Domain Name Parking for Register and Transfer Domains

Automatically parks any domain order (that has no hosting account or the default nameservers) in your Cpanel server! With domain parking service. Clie...

105 Votes
Allow IPv6 and IPv4 in Licensing Module

Lets get WHMCS to add a feature to allow both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Make it an option within the module if you want to allow that or not. When an I...

9 Votes
Please add opcache caching to WHMCS

Hi, Please add support for opcache caching.As far as I know it is the only solution officially supported by PHP developers. The benefits are increased...

36 Votes
PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.I would like to see this feature in the new PayPa...

6 Votes
GoCardless / Direct Debit - Ability to setup new mandate from the 'Payment Methods' screen

Currently, it is only possible to set up a Direct Debit mandate through the invoice itself, rather than against the 'Payment Methods' screen.I think l...

12 Votes
Making the Paypal more customizable

Currently, the Paypal Gateway allows you to choose Paypal, Pay Later, and Credit or Debit Card. What happens if you have more than one payment gatewa...

37 Votes
Custom Invoice Status

We'd like WHMCS to have customizable invoice statuses, for reporting purposes, such as Overdue, Collections, Bad Debt and such. I saw another topic wi...

6 Votes
Add quantity column / value to the GetClientsAddons API call

You have the ability to add quantities to addons in WHMCS. When quantity support is enabled, I can enter an amount of the addon, and within WHMCS the...

14 Votes
Updating the Client Account email should also update the User's email

When the client changes their email from "Your profile" in WHMCS 8.1, no 'verification' is done on their new Email.In WHMCS 7.X, when the us...

34 Votes
Management function for direct debits (GoCardless)

Currently the only way to set up a direct debit is to pay for an invoice. I'd like to see a management feature similar to what exists for credit card...

34 Votes
Search clients by Tax ID / VAT Number

After updating the WHMCS to the latest release (7.8.2) and run the VAT migration tool, in order to move the VAT Number customfield values to the new T...

20 Votes
Additional Stripe payment methods

Stripe allows many other payment methods apart from just credit cards such as: debt, google & apple pay, etc...As it is already connected for cred...

55 Votes
Hook point for Switch Accounts

With the introduction of Users in WHMCS v8, it would be relevant to have a hook point configured for when Users access a Client's account. The UserLog...

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5 Votes
Ability to use multiple 2FA methods when logging in

It would be nice to be able to choose from multiple 2FA methods when logging in. For example, if you had Google Authenticator and Yubikey, you could c...

71 Votes
Create promo codes from API

Hello,I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the cre...

60 Votes
Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon

Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon. There are also a number of requested for this feature within the topic "Email not...

51 Votes
Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invo...