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3 Votes
It also possible to sale or purchaze premium domain

I can see that there is a lot of clients that want to sell or purchase premium domain but WHMCS didn't allow them to do that. There should be some eas...

3 Votes
Domains which are included in the package also show as free in the order process.

If a web hosting package includes a free domain extension, then this is currently displayed as chargeable in the order process. This leads to uncertai...

3 Votes
Add Company Name to Admin Invoice List

Hi :-)Can you improve the page where we view the invoices to also have a column showing the company name as we have to jump into the different invoice...

12 Votes
Free Trail Product for a Period

I have an idea and would like to share with you guys;For example we have an domain name called comeandtryme.comVisitors could purchase (if available o...

20 Votes
Microsoft Teams Integration OR Activity Stream

Greetings, We have very much enjoyed the WHMCS Slack integration, but we are now moving to Microsoft Teams and would love to see an integration down t...

1 Votes
Stripe SEPA and ACH currency convert for processing

Hi,I believe it would be much more usable to everyone if the Stripe SEPA and Stripe ACH module got a "Convert To For Processing" option in t...

12 Votes
Do not generate 0.00 invoices

In Europe, Invoices for 0.00 cannot be entered into accounting systems for many WHMCS users. Just keep them in the non-sequential numbering.

318 Votes
Multi-company support

WHMCS needs to have a way to support a multi-tennant or multi-company setup. This would allow companies like mine, which have multiple identities to...

1 Votes
Search for : Invoice number AND Custom Invoice Numbering Format

Invoice number search for internal number invoice and "Custom Invoice Numbering Format"

8 Votes
Show 0% Taxes line in Invoices

Some companies (at least in Italy) can have the ability to generate invoice without the needs to apply VAT.This is right now doable on WHMCS but once...

8 Votes
Add new currency format 1.234

Hi,In my country the format is 1.234,56 but the decimals are not used, because because there is no such small FIAT coin (in Chile).Then should be grea...

28 Votes
Search clients by Tax ID / VAT Number

After updating the WHMCS to the latest release (7.8.2) and run the VAT migration tool, in order to move the VAT Number customfield values to the new T...

18 Votes
project management: Bill for Task Time Entries: To choose between billable item of new invoice

I want to use the ticket and project management system for my time and project billing, as this comes closest to a workable enviroment for me as serv...

6 Votes
Custom URL for "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons

The "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons which use the Single Sign On (SSO) from WHMCS to cPanel send my clients to the...

3 Votes
Add Delivery/Purchase Order Option

Hi, i would like to request for Delivery Order if possible. Delivery order is similiar like invoice, just change the title from Invoice to Delivery Or...

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51 Votes
Postpaid invoices and billing

In these days is extremely necessary to have a postpaid option to billing services like cloud and pay as you go. Exemplifying a simple scenario. The c...

3 Votes
Support new upcoming decline codes for VISA/MasterCards

Starting in February 2022 Moneris/MasterCard/VISA will send new decline response codes and will charge fees starting in April for repeated CC charging...

21 Votes
Assign ticket to Contact

We often need to assign a ticket to a particular contact but we aren't able to unless we manually update the database with the correct contactid.We ca...

3 Votes
Cookie banner

Hi,I think WHMCS needs to make an easy option to add a cookie banner especially because this is required in the EU ( Reg...

6 Votes
Sales representative / Account Manager

It would be nice to have the ability to assign an account manager or sales representative for a customer. This account manager would be a whmcs admin,...