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3 Votes
Stripe option for one-time and recurring payment to clients

Hi,It would be great if we can get an option on payment page to select one-time or recurring payment option for Stripe gateway. This will give a choic...

34 Votes
Add srv records through dns management interface in clientarea in whmcs

Currently we manage srv records through enom panel . And if clients can manage srv records through dnsmanagement in whmcs clientarea, it will be more...

8 Votes
Allow Products to be in multiple Groups

Not much to add beyond the title really - being able to have the same product in multiple groups would be good

15 Votes
Facebook Pixel Api Conversion

Hello,I request a feature that will definitely be an advantage for WHMCS.Facebook pixel conversion api. Such an integration is a must for a Whmcs-styl...

217 Votes
Specify user password via admin

Sometimes email is an issue and I have clients unable to recieve the password reset. They call and request I reset it on my end for them so they can l...

5 Votes
Add User Email Submitted with Pre-Sales Contact Form in Body of Email to Admins

When the system emails the contents of the Pre-Sales Contact Form to admins, the email address of the submitter is not included in the text of the ema...

0 Votes
Remove invoices from emails

There should be an option to disable the system from automatically sending invoices on Payment Confirmation emails but also on the new order confirmat...

3 Votes
Recognizing email when starting a ticket

We want our customers to be able to email us and start a ticket, it is essential to part of our clients... but the problem is, it means that we have n...

0 Votes
Select Main In Check instead of Credit Cards

A customer wanted to stop using credit cards and switch to Mail In Check. I have that option in the control panel/desktop but it does not appear that...

0 Votes
Generate cPanel username based on domain initials and numbers

Generate cPanel username based on domain initials and numbersexample: hosting request: domainexemple.comwhen creating the order WHMCS would generate w...

28 Votes
Allow Remote Call to WHMCS Verify Domain to check if someone has a legal license in tandem with License Addon

I'd like to offer up a suggestion that I believe would be VERY beneficial.On the WHMCS public website, we have , wh...

58 Votes
Better Additional Domain Fields #2

Maintaining additional domain fields is unnecessary complex in the current way of maintaining it over config file.How to improve:(1) Having a possibil...

17 Votes
Allow Markdown Image In Tickets / Signature

It is hugely important to humanize the interaction we have with our clients over tickets. We really want to include a staff image in ticket signatures...

161 Votes
TROY Card Type Support

TROY is the national payment scheme of Turkey. We are doing more or less the same thing like global card brands such as Discover, Mastercard and Visa....

15 Votes
Affiliates for domains

I find very useful to set the affiliate program for domains too. Many clients asks us about revenues from the domains orders

36 Votes
Change how upgrade/downgrade amount works when changing billing cycle

If you've configured your WHMCS products with monthly, semi-annually and annually billing periods where semi-annually and annually is priced with a di...

32 Votes
Mass changing of ticket status and department

That would be great if you could enable the ability to change the status and department of multiple tickets directly from the main menu ( without ente...

27 Votes
Woocommerce/Wordpress Integration

Hi,Please add a way to integrate Woocommerce/Wordpress and WHMCS so one can buy a product in Woocommerce/Wordpress and all the billing, invoicing, pro...

5 Votes
Integration with integromat and zapier

Hi,Please add an official Integration with integromat ( and zapier ( there is an old connection to z...

96 Votes
WHMCS to use caching

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching