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9 Votes
Mass Invoice Download

Hello,It would be great if you could check off the invoices from the customer area, and download them all at once.When my clients have to file their t...

12 Votes

Hello , If you can make sitemap a native feature that would be good

3 Votes
Reduce Frequency of License Limit Notice emails

As an admin I would like the ability to reduce the frequency of the License Limit notice emails sent each day to administrator users when 10% of the c...

144 Votes
Revolut Merchant API - Payment Gateway

Please add Revolut Merchant API, they offer very low cost merchant services which for a lot of businesses will be cheaper than Stripe who keep hiking...

6 Votes
Block customers from creating multiple accounts under same IP

The proposed feature aims to enhance security and prevent misuse of the system by enabling WHMCS to block customers from creating multiple accounts us...

36 Votes
Change of Registrant & Trades

Hi there,since I started with WHMCS Development and pushing the HEXONET Modules (the so-called ISPAPI Branch), I wondered why WHMCS did not consider i...

1 Votes

Integrate with Hetzner.Com Product Ordering System

54 Votes
Banning clients for failed login attempts (similar to the admin)

You may notice many failed login attempts to your clients and we would like to protect them from being hacked or something like that by banning client...

3 Votes
Clientarea Forgot Password - Rate limiting

It would be good if WHMCS have rate limiting implemented over the forget password form. To prevent certain abuse of request such as: - Spamming user's...

0 Votes
Top Menu Usability Enhancements; Menu hover out timeout + top links

'Reports' on part should take you to Reports page.Similar issues on the other links.Even mouse cursor changes to so you think it's a link, but it's no...

3 Votes
integration of Stripe payments with Mobilepay

Hello. Is it possible you look into integration of Stripe payments with Mobilepay?I got this message from Stripe when trying to activate Mobilepay on...

1 Votes
Customizable invoice reminders

WHMCS offers only one invoice reminder time, which, to me, is a bit insufficient. I find that a 2 week reminder is "ok" for an annual custom...

129 Votes
e-mail template preview

WHMCS offers no way of checking to see how an e-mail will look once you've edited it, short of making a fake account or waiting until a customer recei...

3 Votes
Add a "send test email" function Email Templates editor

Hi,We can create / change Email Template so it will be more suited to us - and that's great.But there is no way for us to actually see the email we de...

22 Votes
Domain Synchronization Process & Premium Domain Names

Hey Guys,WHMCS is setting the premium domain data once at the time of transfer or registration which is about registrarCurrency, registrarCostPrice an...

19 Votes
Hook for enabling EPP Code field for Transfer on demand per domain

Actually WHMCS has a built-in configuration setting for the epp code requirement on per-TLD base which is working fine and except of the entry point f...

3 Votes
Show on invoices when a PayPal subscription is currently active to prevent duplicate payments and subscriptions

Here's the issue:1. Customer orders service and pays with PayPal. Subscription is created for, say $99 / mo2. Service renews for $99 and customer is p...

135 Votes
Add Easy Translation to Configurable options and Product addons

I am running a Dutch/English website. So I like the new ability to rename products and their headers. However I desperately need to be able to transla...

128 Votes
Add Ability to Add a New Stripe ACH Payment Method from the Payment Methods Screen

Currently, the only way to add a new ACH payment method to a client's account when using the Stripe ACH payment gateway is when physically paying an i...

5 Votes
Read from the api custom fields for department in support tickets.

It would be interesting to be able to obtain the value of the custom fields of a department for a support ticket from the api