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31 Votes
Forward an email to open a ticket

Many of the large ticketing systems (Zendesk, SupportPal, FreshDesk, etc.) allow the ability for an administrator/ticket operator to forward an email...

3 Votes
Getting notified when users updates nameservers.

Hi there, I am from a country where our default domain is not supported by Enom and other domain resellers. Normally clients assume that updating name...

3 Votes
Payment Error Message

When returning error or declined as the status in a payment gateway function, the error message should be changeable instead of just showing the gener...

0 Votes
Include product categories when converting quotes to invoices

In quotes, it lets you choose products, but when you convert the quote to an invoice, the income doesn't get categorized correctly, it's always' in th...

0 Votes
.au Domains

Hi,I am having an issue adding the new .au domains to our WHMCS and it doesn't recognise them.Can we get this TLD added to the list so we can add the...

0 Votes
Notification API

Similar to notification API that allows the triggering of notifications for clie...

149 Votes
Sales Call Scheduler

We would like this type of functionality. We also like to call our customers a few times per year, and also have been just putting a 'NOTE' in, but w...

4 Votes
Unlink a client from a support ticket

Currently when a ticket comes in and a client is linked to it, the only way to remove that client is to select another client. We are needing to remov...

11 Votes
Limiting Downloads of a Product

I've come to the realization, especially with something I am building that sends out an install.php for the user's product the buy (working in tandem...

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78 Votes
e-mail template preview

WHMCS offers no way of checking to see how an e-mail will look once you've edited it, short of making a fake account or waiting until a customer recei...

12 Votes
Get notification when client submit a Task

Ability to get email notification when client submit a Task on client area

10 Votes
Add Date Field to Custom Client Fields

It can be in any format eg. DD.MM.YYYY

3 Votes
Bulk select times

We need to be able to select times for invoicing in bulk, because if we have many of them, it takes us a lot of time to select all time frames. Thank...

7 Votes
The ability to stop all emails from being sent to a client account

Hello,It would be great to see an option on the client profile, when enabled ensuring that no emails at all are sent to the client's email including a...

12 Votes
Show summary statistics on every page header

For me as an admin I find it very useful to have access to the at-a-glance statistics on every admin page: Pending Orders | Overdue Invoices | Ticket...

3 Votes
Option to Hide Free Configurable Options from Shopping Cart

Hi folks, when setting up configurable options the most used 1st option is just a none priced one. E. g. you want to add additional databases - the pr...

80 Votes
Payoneer payment gateway

Need to Payoneer payment gateway for WHMCS.

13 Votes
Add New reCAPTCHA v3

Since reCAPTCHA version 3 is out for time now, this will be a good feature to be introduced to the WHMCS platform. At the same time retains the v2 as...

3 Votes
Autosave Invoice/Quote Descriptions

The idea is to save what the admin, salesperson has typed in the invoice or quotation description. I've experienced myself whereby I will type in leng...

35 Votes
eNom DNSSEC Management

eNom supports DNSSEC entries via API calls or manual submission.Adding the API call configurations for DNSSEC management (add, get & delete) will...