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Payoneer payment gateway

Need to Payoneer payment gateway for WHMCS.

11 Votes
Contact custom fields

Hey,it would be very useful to add a new type of custom field for products: contact.There would be a dropdown where you can choose one of the clients...

6 Votes
Mass Select feature to enable : DNS management | Email fowarding | ID protc | EPP

Mass Select feature to enable in mass : DNS management | Email fowarding | Whois protectactually we need on our 1000 domainto click on 3000 Checkbox m...

234 Votes
Allow customer to renew hosting product at any time

Right now if the customer would like to renew their hosting early, they have to contact us because there is no option to renew for web hosting in WHMC...

94 Votes
WHMCS to use caching

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching

3 Votes
Additional Stripe payment methods

Stripe allows many other payment methods apart from just credit cards such as: debt, google & apple pay, etc...As it is already connected for cred...

6 Votes

Hello , If you can make sitemap a native feature that would be good

59 Votes
Are you interested in integrating Cloudflare's Turnstile?

HiAre you interested in integrating Cloudflare's Turnstile?

6 Votes
Remove terminated or canceled services from the customer's account.

The idea is to have an option to remove closed or canceled services from the customer's account after a certain chosen day.The idea is due to the need...

6 Votes
Add other admins as ticket watchers

It would be superb if an administrator could directly add another administrators as a ticket watcher. This would need to take into account department...

16 Votes
Captcha in Custom Pages

I was trying to see how we can use the native integration of Google Captcha in WHMCS inside the custom pages form. Something to easily manage global i...

18 Votes
Domain Synchronization Process & Premium Domain Names

Hey Guys,WHMCS is setting the premium domain data once at the time of transfer or registration which is about registrarCurrency, registrarCostPrice an...

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cPanel Licensing Module - Allow Assigning Internal Servers

Allow assigning internal servers, those created for use in WHMCS via "Configuration > System Settings > Servers", not just licenses so...

6 Votes
Allow quantity with more than 2 decimals

Currently WHMCS only allow price with just 2 decimals but...If you need bill with GB used instead TB.If your price is 10$ / TB , price per GB will be...

262 Votes
Credit Note in compliance with UK VAT legislation

The refund functionality in WHMCS 5.3.13 is not on accordance with UK legislation. When a refund is issued, the system must generate a Credit Note wi...

65 Votes
Create promo codes from API

Hello,I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the cre...

7 Votes
Let API add/edit/remove promotions

The API allows only to read existing promotional coupons. Would be nice to deactivate a coupon used (when it allows only 1 use), or reduce the number...

20 Votes
Adding sub-groups/sub-categories

Hi WHMCS Community!This topic is long due. Would you agree that having the ability to add sub-groups/sub-categories will benefit us all?If you have or...

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Disable Captcha for Admin login

Hello,We need an option to disable the captcha on the admin login form, so admins didn't force to submit the captcha every time they submit the admin...

9 Votes
Customer / User API

we need user api