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Service Contract Document


Every hosting company, at least in Brazil, has a service contract so that the customer can read and print the contract regarding the services that will be provided.

How would it work?

* The customer accesses the website with the services, chooses the service to be provided.
* After selecting the service, the customer fills in the registration form.
* The customer accesses the Client Area and within the Client Area there is a "Menu" or a "Link" that opens a page so that he can read the "Contract", which can be saved the "Contract" in ".PDF". or "Print", containing all customer data, services and values, and the Clauses referring to the provision of contracted services.

I am sending as an attachment, a zipped file containing two files in ".php".

The "index.php" file fetches the customer's data and the service package that the customer has contracted and assembles the beginning of the "Contract" structure.

The file "contrato.texto.php" contains all texts and clauses referring to the provision of services contracted by the client.

These files were from a system I built for my Web Hosting company, it was many years ago, but customers were able to download them in .pdf and print.

The customer cannot make any changes regarding the contract, the changes must only be made by the company.

In the Admin Area, there would have to be the "Contract" Menu, so that we can create the contract for each type of service provided, ex. "web hosting, dedicated server, vps server, streaming audio, streaming video". Each service needs to have a different contract.

In "System Configuration" in the option "Products and Services" add an option to be able to select the "Contract" for that existing product/service or new product/service.

I believe it can be very useful for several companies that use the WHMCS system.

Thank you.

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