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19 Votes
API/Function Refund

Hello,I could not find in the documentation any reference on API Refund.Example, Payment Gateway sends a notification to WHMCS stating that the status...

61 Votes
Better Additional Domain Fields #2

Maintaining additional domain fields is unnecessary complex in the current way of maintaining it over config file.How to improve:(1) Having a possibil...

55 Votes
Add New reCAPTCHA v3

Since reCAPTCHA version 3 is out for time now, this will be a good feature to be introduced to the WHMCS platform. At the same time retains the v2 as...

184 Votes
hCaptcha - Alternative to reCAPTCHA

hCaptcha is basically the same as reCAPTCHA, with some major differences:1) They respect the privacy of your visitors.2) The problems visitors solve a...

316 Votes
Credit Note in compliance with UK VAT legislation

The refund functionality in WHMCS 5.3.13 is not on accordance with UK legislation. When a refund is issued, the system must generate a Credit Note wi...

14 Votes
RDAP Whois query integration

To improve future domain searches, WHMCS should support the RDAP protocol by default and optionally the current Whois system.What is RDAP?The Registra...

1 Votes
Excluding billing cycles from bundle

It should be great if we can be able to define for bundles discounted price depending on the billing cycle.For example :Bundle A- 59€/year- 107€/2year...

21 Votes
Discount promotion code to show on the first page of order template

Hi, I think it would be beneficial to add option when new visitor open the product link with discount code example https://domain. com/billing/

59 Votes
Option to Overwrite Scheduled Email Campaigns Frequency

The new Email Campaigns Tool in WHMCS 8.0 is pleasing, especially the Schedule Campaign option. However, the Email Campaign functionality currently ha...

15 Votes
ApplePay integration

HIwith WHMCS 6 being responsive. Can ApplePay be integrated so uses using an iOS8.1 or above device who are making a purchase using the responsive th...

238 Votes
Dependent Configurable Options

When you're offering dedicated servers, you are more than likely to have an endless list of configurable options for the customer to build his server...

293 Votes
Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no iss...

21 Votes
Change quantity on product with scaling quantity

Let clients upgrade/downgrade the quantity similar to when up/down-grading product.

230 Votes
Specify user password via admin

Sometimes email is an issue and I have clients unable to recieve the password reset. They call and request I reset it on my end for them so they can l...

3 Votes
Quotes Improvement

1) For some reason there is QTY column for quotes that's not present on invoices. I would like to have quotes with no QTY field and no unit price fiel...

124 Votes
Option for Registrar-Lock

Not all TLDs supports a Registrar/Transfer-Lock, so it would be nice if WHMCS has an option (like the EPP Code, ID Protection, DNS Management) in the...

4 Votes
Fattura24 Invoicing integration

I think that for the italian market it’s better to have a sort of integration with one of the two major cloud invoicing systems (fatture in cloud and...

0 Votes
Romain reservation

Hi.because, some registrars have the reservation feature for domains, the idea is to add this functionality of "reserve domain" at specified...

0 Votes
Service Contract Document

Hello,Every hosting company, at least in Brazil, has a service contract so that the customer can read and print the contract regarding the services th...

99 Votes
Arrears billing

In b2b relations often the need to bill with due date after a service is provided. it would be great if you could add that option for reocurring billi...