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Client Register Hook

Hook that is executed when a Client has registered in the system.

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Auto Update PKR Currency Exchange rate on Daily basis

Auto Update PKR Currency Exchange rate on Daily basis and Update product prices with cron JobHi i would want to request these Feature1) Auto Update US...

3 Votes
Adding custom server support

What's the problem?We have custom servers in our infrastructure and WHMCS supports the modules like cPanel, Helm, HyperVM etc... which we won't use.Wh...

9 Votes
Admin Only Additional Domain Fields

It would be useful being able to hide from client’s domain subscription area some custom fields created on

58 Votes
Custom field with upload file

We would like the opportunity to have a field in order to upload a file (like an image for example). Often in the order of some products we need to ha...

45 Votes
Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invo...

146 Votes
Hourly Billing

It would be very nice if hosting bills were calculated hourly instead of daily. Our hosting is all cloud servers and it is very reasonable for someone...

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Improve Ticket Search

The inability to search beyond the initial message of a ticket has become a major hindrance in continuing to use WHMCS as support desk. While I am awa...

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Add a "send test email" function Email Templates editor

Hi,We can create / change Email Template so it will be more suited to us - and that's great.But there is no way for us to actually see the email we de...

32 Votes
Cancel Invoice on Termination

Hi,I’m sure this has been discussed before, but not seen a feature request for it.Why when the cron terminates a hosting account is the relating invoi...

13 Votes
Allow Markdown Image In Tickets / Signature

It is hugely important to humanize the interaction we have with our clients over tickets. We really want to include a staff image in ticket signatures...

21 Votes
Discount promotion code to show on the first page of order template

Hi, I think it would be beneficial to add option when new visitor open the product link with discount code example https://domain. com/billing/

8 Votes
Discord Integration

Being able to send notifications to Discord as an option alongside Email, HipChat and Slack would be really nice.Discord has a very similar concept to...

51 Votes
Ability to disable domain sync emails

We (and many others from looking in Google) would like the ability to disable domain sync emails unless there is an issue/error in the domain sync. We...

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display registered private name servers - display registered name servers

hello WHMCS team ,from client side , i can register a new name server with its IP , you call it " private name server" in your product ,and...

4 Votes
Add task comment from client area

please add comment also for client to create custom replay for each task has done .

6 Votes
Custom Promotional Banners

It would be very successful an option that allows us to add customized banners as it happens with the products of the MarketPlace. This would be an ex...

23 Votes
Improvement to Time Tracking / Timer

This recent update to project management has made the time tracking less effective and creates more work. The new 'start timer' is always Unassigned a...

57 Votes
Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon

Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon. There are also a number of requested for this feature within the topic "Email not...

4 Votes
Add User Email Submitted with Pre-Sales Contact Form in Body of Email to Admins

When the system emails the contents of the Pre-Sales Contact Form to admins, the email address of the submitter is not included in the text of the ema...