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15 Votes
Customer / User API

we need user api

15 Votes
Change quantity on product with scaling quantity

Let clients upgrade/downgrade the quantity similar to when up/down-grading product.

10 Votes
api to access report

It would be wonderful if the api can executes a report and returns the $reportdata array.Thanks!

5 Votes
Domain Event Handling Support

because some registrants or domain extension requests are time-consuming, timeout or request failure may even occur, especially batch registration, re...

0 Votes
Search box in System Email Message Log

May be very useful a search box in Email Message Log to search some text in all Email logs

3 Votes
Add more data to the GetAffiliates API

Hello,I'm currently developing a project that grabs data from the WHMCS API and displays it, however, the GetAffiliates API doesn't have a whole lot o...

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Custom page after domain registration that says; this domain is registerd and parked by [..]

I would like to have the option to create a page that is shown after someone registers a domain through my WHMCS. A page that becomes visible when you...

3 Votes
Modify urls

Be able to modify the basic urlsFor example /login in /connect or /connexion or/register.php in /registerHave real control over existing urls Thanks

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Include Failed Payments in Cron email

The new version of WHMCS (Ver 8+) has dropped the failed payment notication in the Crone email. I personally cant understand why this would be dropped...

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Change WHMCS connection to MySQL to PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT mode

ADVANTAGEPHP will keep connection pooling with MySQL, which allows you to reduce connection time and to use old connection in a new script.If use $dbh...

0 Votes
Multilingual capability of Project Management

Actually Project Management is only in englishwe would like to have a french version of itthx

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VPS Reseller

Allowing users to become a reseller of existing VPS plans for self hosted or cloud instances and get either a commission or something

9 Votes

We would need to be able to bypass sending emails to current customers to avoid spam on "x days after order date" option.

15 Votes
Late Fee for Multicurrency

Hello! We need to enable the Late Fee for multicurrency. Now it keeps the same set amount (eg. 5 eur), if the customer has usd account, it will be 5 u...

114 Votes
Invoice can be paid without having to be logged in to whmcs

Some customers want to send the invoice to friends or even a family member, the idea is that the invoice could be generated and through the link the c...

16 Votes
Bulk account deletion option

WHMCS does not naively offer a bulk delete option.I have quite a number of "bad" (now closed) accounts created (registered) by bots or hacke...

3 Votes
Remove spam clients in batch

I had a series of customer registrations ( ) that were inserted by SPAM. How do I remove all of them at once?

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129 Votes
Add Easy Translation to Configurable options and Product addons

I am running a Dutch/English website. So I like the new ability to rename products and their headers. However I desperately need to be able to transla...

20 Votes
Hide Specific payment method from specific client

HiWe would like to see this feature available in WHMCS in which we can allow specific payment method only per clients, for example, if we have a high...

168 Votes
Payment Gateway processing Fee

Hello All,I want that whmcs should have an option where we can add a % amount of total invoice amount + any fixed amount.For example paypal takes : Se...