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Update price percentage

  • hotelwww.suporte shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Admin Area

I think it would be nice to have more options to update prices in bulk.
How to set a date to apply the new prices, plus you can use percentage as well as value.


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In Norway we have something we call consumer price index that shows the general price adjustment for the last 12 months.
This CPI is % based, so we than need to be able to do a bulk price update based on %, and not fixed amount.
Please use some time to look into the bulk price update to make this tool better.
all these years later and still this tool is useless.
I can only increase prices by a fixed amount, which is useless as all products are obviously different prices.
Almost all price increases are a percentage of the original price.
Here's why the current bulk price update does not work.
Let's say you want to increase pricing +1 dollar. You have many customers with various pricing schemes based on their package selections.
This means that customers paying $5/mo will get a much higher increase than the customer paying $50/mo. Thus the $5/mo customer gets a 20% increase while the $50/mo customer sees only a 2% increase.

This is why the price updater is useless in its current form. We need a way to increase based on percentage to make it fair across the board.