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More parameters for OrderProductUpgradeOverride

I was thinking about modifying how WHMCS calculates the price for upgrades and downgrades as it's currently being done incorrectly (

We currently have the following parameters to work with:
[oldproductid] => 1
[oldproductname] => Pro V
[newproductid] => 1
[newproductname] => Pro V
[daysuntilrenewal] => 365
[totaldays] => 365
[newproductbillingcycle] => monthly
[price] => 277.42
[discount] => 0
[promoqualifies] =>

For my fix to work, I would need to have "oldproductbillingcycle", "oldprice" and generally stuff related to the current service - but there's currently no way of accessing that.

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