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Change domain pricing logic or allow us to specify a formal to calculate domain pricing


I would like to propose that you allow us to define rule based or formula based domain pricing. For example:

Cost Price if defined - 9
Profit if defined - 30%
Base Sale price - 14
Promo price - 10
Promo Term - 1year
Promo Applicable - Registrations
Multiple year Discount if any - 5%

Formula for Base Sale Price - If Cost Price > 0 and Profit is > 0, then Base Sale Price is Cost Price x (1+Profit).
Formula for Customer Sale Price 1 year - If Promo Price > 0, then Promo Price else Base Sale Price
Formula for Customer Sale Price nth year - If Promo Price > 0, then (Promo Price * Promo Term + Base Sale Price * (1-Promo Term) * (1-Multiple Year Discount) )

Using the above, admin need to only specify the base parameters per TLD and WHMCS can auto-populate multi-year prices into current system instead of admins entering each and every value for +150 TLDs

Thank you for your time.

Sarabjit Dugal

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