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20 Votes
Credit Balance overview for clients

Clients have the right to know what happens with their money. What they owe is clearly displayed and managed with invoices. That is for good us, becau...

29 Votes
Set preferred domain when login to WHM/cPanel via WHMCS (whitelabeling)

When we login to WHM/cPanel from WHMCS Client Area, the URL shown is using server's hostname instead of client's domain.e.g.Server hostname: host.ser...

11 Votes
Remove "Operator" label from the list of open tickets

I'd like to see this new "Operator" part of the list of open tickets gotten rid of.Just leave the Clients name that links to their profile a...

43 Votes
Automate TLD Pricing Synchronization

Registrars' domain prices are changing every day and they give promotions or finished it; therefore, this functionality must be automated by whmcs cro...

27 Votes
Connect Prefex CRM support wo WHMcs

HiWe suggest you connect Prerfex CRM support to WHMCSMore than 50,000 Installations open source CRM

20 Votes
Show 0% Taxes line in Invoices

Some companies (at least in Italy) can have the ability to generate invoice without the needs to apply VAT.This is right now doable on WHMCS but once...

17 Votes
More API functions for Licensing Addon

I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:* Expanded API to allow m...

36 Votes
Completed needed remaining features for OpenSRS module

Hello,Looking to get off the no longer supported OpenSRSPro module and want to use the built in one but missing features that the Pro one has. In orde...

1 Votes
Add an abandoned carts information without the need to use MailChimp

Hi,Please add an abandoned carts information without the need to use MailChimp integration.We need a way to get the abandoned carts information for an...

0 Votes
Receive Login Notification via Email to Client

Every thing is going to 2Factor Authtecation. But whenever Client Login they should notify about they login in from this country using this ip on this...

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63 Votes
Invoice Auto Login Feature from email Templates

We need an AUTO Login Link feature in Invoice Email templates and PDF Invoices. There is a serverping addon available

12 Votes
Add Terms of Service checkbox to Contact Form

Without a checkbox where any visitor accept that his data are going to be send or save, the Contact form potentially does not help me meet my GDPR obl...

18 Votes
Support for MailerSend as an additional Email Provider

It could be great if WHMCS added additional email providers on the Mail tab, specifically MailerSend, for transactional emails. MailerSend has a bette...

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24 Votes
Project Management related Hook Points

Hook Points allowing for me to create a web hook notifying my staff when we have New Project CreatedProject AssignedNew Message in ProjectProject Over...

11 Votes
Remove terminated or canceled services from the customer's account.

The idea is to have an option to remove closed or canceled services from the customer's account after a certain chosen day.The idea is due to the need...

9 Votes
Make domain name in ACE/puny available as "Smarty object"

In the Smarty object for the client area we are able to pull the domain name from the database.In case this is an ACE domain name it will be stored in...

6 Votes
Requesting Provisiong in the Invoice for adding HSN/SAC codes

Dear Team,In India, adding HSN/SAC code for GST Billing is there mandatory. Hence, I request you add this feature in the next update.We can refer to Z...

0 Votes
Default sort invoices by most recent first, not oldest first

When a client has dozens of invoices, it doesn't make any sense to show the oldest ones first (after sorting by status that is). Current behaviour mea...

9 Votes
Nested Grouping / Sub Grouping for Products and Services

Hello,Greetings.Recently I was configuring WHMCS to sell VPS. VPS has subcategories like Linux VPS, Windows VPS, etc. and each category has it's own f...

5 Votes
Hide "register lock" menu from the domain which can't be locked.

Some TDLs such as .EU do not allow to set "register lock" however register lock menu is appeared for all domains.I want hide "register...