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Automate Direct Transfer Payment Module

Automate Bank Transfer Payment Module. Merchants do not have the time to do manual billing. Please fully automate this module. That way Merchants can...

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Paypal Basic Gateway button to Encrypted (EWP)

I believe it's critical now days to have encrypted Paypal order buttons as it is possible to manipulate the data in the Paypal button code.As it is no...

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Notify sender of ticket replies blocked as insecure

Currently the "Allow Insecure Imports" option causes us some problems.One of which is that the ticket owner thinks their replies have been s...

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Option to add payment gateways as default in the Payment Methods page even if the gateway (e.g. PayPal) doen't store a payment method.

Currently, if a Payment Gateway does not store a payment method, you cannot manage the specific gateway in the Payment Methods page. This is for examp...

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Option to automatically change all invoices and services to default payment method

As an admin manually placing orderfor clients, it would be beneficial if the default payment method settings for WHMCS services were expanded upon and...

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Labeling option for My Licenses & Services

I think there should be a labeling option for My Licenses & ServicesWhen you visit

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Sendemail API for client users

Currently WHMCS only providing API to send email to client not users ( Please add new API actio...

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Auto Provision Services ONLY if client has used 2FA

We would like to see an option to enable auto-provision ONLY if a client has used two factor authentication to login and place the order.

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Invoices for affiliate commissions when paid

We would really like the option that once we/an admin or client itself chooses to pay out their earned commissions that this automatically generates a...

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Prevent Marking 0.00 invoices as paid

All 0.00 invoices generated automatically by the cron are automatically marked as paid by the system,We need a new option that can stop the automatic...

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Client Register Hook

Hook that is executed when a Client has registered in the system.

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Auto Update PKR Currency Exchange rate on Daily basis

Auto Update PKR Currency Exchange rate on Daily basis and Update product prices with cron JobHi i would want to request these Feature1) Auto Update US...

3 Votes
Adding custom server support

What's the problem?We have custom servers in our infrastructure and WHMCS supports the modules like cPanel, Helm, HyperVM etc... which we won't use.Wh...

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Admin Only Additional Domain Fields

It would be useful being able to hide from client’s domain subscription area some custom fields created on

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Hourly Billing

It would be very nice if hosting bills were calculated hourly instead of daily. Our hosting is all cloud servers and it is very reasonable for someone...

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Add a "send test email" function Email Templates editor

Hi,We can create / change Email Template so it will be more suited to us - and that's great.But there is no way for us to actually see the email we de...

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Discount promotion code to show on the first page of order template

Hi, I think it would be beneficial to add option when new visitor open the product link with discount code example https://domain. com/billing/

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Discord Integration

Being able to send notifications to Discord as an option alongside Email, HipChat and Slack would be really nice.Discord has a very similar concept to...

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Ability to disable domain sync emails

We (and many others from looking in Google) would like the ability to disable domain sync emails unless there is an issue/error in the domain sync. We...

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Add task comment from client area

please add comment also for client to create custom replay for each task has done .