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change the Link Tracking tool to be with random ID + Friendly URL

Please improve the Link Tracking tool so the link will be "friendly" so instead of it will be like any other Friendly URL.
Also please randomize the id - so instead of just a number it will be a random text similar to the way do it.
If you can add some graphic statistics it will be awesome.


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Hi John,

There are several reasons to use the Link Tracking tool - the most important one is to be able to count the clicks such a link is getting - right?

Another reason lots of users are using Link Tracking tools are to be able to send a short link that will be displayed nicely in an text or WhatsApp message instead of the long and "ugly" link.

And of course the main issue is to cause the client to fell safe when clicking on such a link.

So instead of sending to a customer this link:

We will be able to send it like that:

or something similar.

Doing so will help us beautify the link and make it something more trustworthy for customers to click.
Most of our customer will be hesitant to click on a link with link.php?id=3 or any other code that is not commonly use.

This is exactly what and may other providers is doing.

So since WHMCS already offer a Link Tracking tool - it can be easily extended and combined with a beautiful short link instead of the correct long and unfriendly one.

What do you think?
Hi Ram,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Can you help everyone understand the benefits of your proposed changes vs. the current solution? What problem are you experiencing that this would solve?