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API Endpoint to get Product Groups and their related Group ID via API

We need to find the Product Group information from a GID, potentially something like getProductGroups, with an output in json format. We feel this wou...

12 Votes
Show recently blocked tickets in support ticket list

There's been a few occasions where we've had spam controls work a bit more aggressively than we'd like and ticket messages were blocked as false posit...

3 Votes
Search Functionality on Promotions Page

Hello,It is very difficult to search for any specific promo code. For example : If I need to duplicate a promocode from the expired promo code list, i...

10 Votes
Add a hook for admin login like ClientLoginShare so authentication can be done elsewhere

Would be useful for authenticating administrators via an active directory server or elsewhere. This would come in handy in a corporate environment.

4 Votes
AutoAuth for administators (staff) access

We would like to integrate WHMCS with our Single-Sign-On for our staff. AutoAuth work fine for customers but WHMCS doesn't support it for administrato...

1 Votes
Allow Random and Sequential Numbers in Ticket Masking

I would like to be able to have another letter and number code that makes sequential numbers and/or sequential letters along with random ones.

39 Votes
Invoice Usage Billing Monthly for Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Products

The "SnapShot" Usage Billing actually is recommended only to the monthly billing cycle, but this does not always represent the reality of th...

4 Votes
improve username creation

When creating usernames, the only option is a random name or the first 8 chars of the domain.This is so outdated now.When creating products/services,...

4 Votes
Always allow admin to set client email preferences.

Currently when I disable the option for clients to manage their email preferences (General Settings->Other->Client Email Preferences->uncheck...

9 Votes
Better logging of changes to domains

Currently it is just logged that something is changed in domains, not exactly what. It would be useful if logging was the same as product log and show...

4 Votes
Ability to select individual payment methods for each service in the client dash

We want our customers to be able to change their default payment AND the payment on a per product basis like what available using this marketplace add...

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36 Votes
Passkeys/Webauthn MFA

It would be great to see Passkeys/Webauthn integrated as 2FA option for all admins/clients, it is much easier for end users and should result in more...

20 Votes
Use canonical names for languages

ie etc instead of set <html la...

7 Votes
MarketConnect - better Billing History descriptions

Can we have better descriptions in the MarketConnect "Billing history" so we can see what the orders relate to - so for SSL's and Sitelock -...

107 Votes
Domain Addons

Right now it doesn't look like there are configurable options or add-ons that we can specify for domains? It looks like I have to create separate prod...

9 Votes
Use GoCardless Payouts API to get Transaction Fees

Somehow, the GoCardless fees need to be included in the transactions to avoid leaving an accounting black hole as GoCardless doesn't invoice merchants...

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Client Summary Page Should Count Tax Collected as an Expense, Not Income

On the Client Summary page, it shows a nice summary of gross revenue and net income, but its calculation is incorrect.If you collect sales tax or VAT,...

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9 Votes
Add "payment method" as variable to domain email templates

I'd like to be able to personalise the domain email templates based on the domain payment method, so that I can advise people how payment should be ma...

39 Votes
Improve Ticket Search

The inability to search beyond the initial message of a ticket has become a major hindrance in continuing to use WHMCS as support desk. While I am awa...

8 Votes
Disable Invoices for Client Group

Hello,It would be nice to disable invoice for certain client groups and only sent notification to the Administrator on their service Renewal.This will...