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Enable WHMCS to delete servers with users attached.

  • Ryan Lee shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Automation

This has been a issue for like over 8 years now and it's time WHMCS does something about it.

WHMCS cannot delete servers with users attached to it. The solution is to first set all the users on those servers to terminated. So your WHMCS ends up being cluttered with old servers and the WHMCS spams with errors during the cronjob.

It's a simple solution, when deleting a server from WHMCS which has tied users to it, ask the user if they want to set all the users attached to those servers to terminated via a DB Query, and then delete the server.

Something like : UPDATE tblhosting SET domainstatus = 'Terminated' WHERE server = 'OLD_SERVER_ID';

It is ridiculous It's been 8 years and there is no viable solution to this. WHMCS this is 2022 now, you should really step your game up. The fact you don't do this means, people have cluttered WHMCS installations, with inactive servers and error logs that are piling up.

WHMCS, ADD THIS, I am a 10+ year user of WHMCS. It isn't hard to add what I asked.


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Hi Ryan,
Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion.

At present our solution is to allow you to mark the server as "Inactive":
This means you can see at-a glance on the server list which servers are no longer in use, and moved it out of the way in other interfaces.

What would you like to see WHMCS do to the services assigned to the deleted server? For example:
- Change the server assignment on all affected service records to "none" (potentially leaving them orphaned).
- Change the server assignment on all the affected services records to a server of your choosing (would necessitate adding a UI for that).
- Change the server assignment on all the affected services records to a server automatically based on the current provisioning settings.
So TLDR: When deleting a server, prompt there is users tied to it and ask if you want to set them to terminated and then do the query to do it and then delete the server.
I want to be able to delete old servers I don't want on my installation tied to inactive/users that are no longer using the server/service. And I don't want to manually do a thing. You can fix this.