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18 Votes
Project management - view for projects that have active timers

A special view to see what projects have active timers

10 Votes
Tickets - An Overhaul or at least some fresh ideas.

We use WHMCS as our main dashboard for issue tracking for both our web hosting and network support business. As such, our needs may exceed the design...

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23 Votes
Invoice Discounts

I would like to see an option that would allow us to provide selected invoices with special discounts on what is currently listed as the "sub tot...

167 Votes
Hosting Account Quota Notifications

I cant believe this does not exist in WHMCS!When a client reaches his disk quota limit we get a notification from our Control Panel (in our case Direc...

203 Votes
Selecting Server Location

Ok i was wondering about if in the server area add a third category called location. With this we can create one group of products and give the client...

28 Votes
Assign Affiliate to Customer Account & View Customer Information

It would be great if we could assign affiliates to actual customer accounts instead of just to specific orders.This [u]has been requested for the past...

26 Votes
SLA Response Times on the Helpdesk / Tickets

Hello,WHMCS Helpdesk should support the feature of allow us to define SLA Response Times per ticket, client, group, product or service.Only this way w...

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1 Votes
Dynamic language MaxMind verification phone call

We sell voip in a french based market. We want to expend in english market now. Actually the maxmind verification phone call is done only in the langu...

20 Votes
Choose different auto-responder for each support department

Setup -> Support Departments allows each department to send or not send the auto responder.I'd like to have the option to select a different auto-r...

154 Votes
Updating Client Currency on Account - Invoicing Retained with Old Currency.

If a client requests us to switch their currency on their account, that all previous invoicing remain in the old currency and new invoices will be sho...

3 Votes
remove unused modules

Remove or cut access to registrar, gateway etc. modules that are not used.A typic user uses less that 3% of whmcs standard modules. Considering the pa...

1 Votes
Automatic ENOM Domain Registration when ordering through the WHMCS

Currently ordering domains in WHMCS system is a 2 step process. Need module to allow for domain registration and to tie into ENOM account and automate...

31 Votes
Option to hide some Client Profile Fields during the checkout signup process

Aside of having the Optional Client Profile FieldsIt might be useful to have an option to Hide some Client Profile Fields that we might not need durin...

24 Votes
Configure which columns to display in "My services" to add-remove new ones

An option to configure which information columns and data to be displayed to the clients in the "My services" option for the clientsWhere yo...

2 Votes
Add Free Trial Support for Enom TRUSTe Module

The Enom API also supports free trial ProductTypes: TRUSTePrivacyPolicyFreeTrial and TRUSTePrivacyPolicySealFreeTrial.It would be nice to be able to o...

3 Votes
Send the invoice after payment it's done and the order it's processed.

Most of our billing work, it's about telling customers how to download the invoices after the payment it's done. Will be a lot of help if the invoice...

107 Votes
ISPConfig 3 Module

Please make WHMCS compatibility with ISPConfig 3.

7 Votes
Any chosen period of time

1. Allow customers at any time (not just when invoice is already generated) to pay for servces for any chosen period of time.2. For hosting and dedica...

47 Votes
loyalty system

I would be good to see a loyalty system, like the affiliate's but this would reward customer for staying with you. so say they spend £10.00 they woul...

45 Votes
Ability to undo last action.

Like the undo in word, this could undo 'stpuid' actions. This that are difficult to manually re-ajust, this could unmerge tickets, or restore a delete...