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eNom TRUTe Update

How about add 30-day trial that enom have now and your module dont have that

3 Votes
Due date shift.

Due date shift for webhotell with bundled domain. Shift forward to prevent customers losing domains when they pay ON due date and bank processing time...

16 Votes
Intergration with OwnCloud Is a open-source cloud solution, would be nice to see working with WHMCS

4 Votes
AuthNet Authorize Only Setting

Currently, WHMCS does Auth+Capture via the Authorize.Net API. A rash of skilled credit card thieves recently plowed through WHMCS and got past both of...

4 Votes
hide to all terminated or cancelled services

First my english is not good. I apologize this.We need to hide services for all terminated or canceled services.Administrator page will be option : hi...

3 Votes
eWay Rapid 3.0

eWay Rapid 3.0 support would provide a payment gateway module with lessened PCI requirements,while allowing for tokenized payments to be made on a rec...

8 Votes
Default Payment Gateway

Hi,Currently on the clients "Options" tab we can set the default payment gateway for a client, i.e. Direct Debit. This feature doesnt appear...

7 Votes
Invoicing after

Services are allways invoiced in advance. If I set the due date to 1.6.2013 for monthly billing, invoice will be generated for the period from 1.6.201...

29 Votes
We need a new payment module for the new Google digital Merchants wallet affective Nov. 20 of this year

The new google wallet for us will be automatically affective on Nov. 20, 2013. The API is totally different then the check out so this will need to b...

54 Votes
Add Configurable Options to Bulk Pricing Updater

Currently in order to update product prices for existing clients with configurable options we have to specify the "Current Price" for every...

27 Votes
Ability to remove the nameserver options on order page

Hello,My idea is to give the ability to remove the nameserver options on the order page because for example, when you sell VPS hosting, you don't real...

112 Votes
Option to show/hide payments gateways per country

Hello,I'm experiencing big problems with certain gateways not accepting payments from some countries. It would be great if each gateway has the option...

1 Votes
Action Hook for TO-DO items

Hello, I need an action hook to fire when a new to-do item is added.

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64 Votes
admin only knowledgebase system in WHMCS

Hi, we need a way to use the knowledgebase for inside information / admin only.We want to use some of the articles in the knowledgebase without lettin...

16 Votes
Configurable options should have prices that are in percentages

Configurable options should have prices that are in percentages of the parent product as well as fixed. This saves me from making duplicate configurab...

36 Votes
Remove addons displayed on Invoice when not purchased

Currently add-ons are shown on every invoice for the product associated even if they are not purchased. Agreed they should be available as an upgrade...

48 Votes
Recurring Tasks/To-Do's/Projects/Tickets

I am shocked to not find anywhere (unless I didn't look hard enough) a request for recurring tasks/to-do's/projects/tickets!I would really love to be...

20 Votes
Top 10 Clients by Income Report - add date filtering

The Top 10 Clients by Income Report is very interesting to see where money comes from.I would like to suggest the addition of date filtering, so we ca...

1 Votes
VAT-ID is not needed for .de TLDs

Within the domain registration a VAT-ID is requested at WHMCS.This would .de-TLD restrict to companies only.

70 Votes
To-do list email reminders

Create the ability to send email reminders for to-do list items on the due date.