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HTML Email Signature

It would be a great feature to add HTML to the email signature of each staff management.

I realize there's a one generic email signature (Global Email Signature) in the general setup, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for specific staff signatures in HTML.



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Thanks for taking the time to submit your suggestion. At this time we will not be implementing HTML into the support ticket system for reasons discussed elsewhere. But with the addition of Markdown support in v6.3, you can now use that in support ticket signatures to add formatting.
You really need to reconsider the decision re: HTML to keep up with, well, almost every other software involving a support system on the market. That strip_tags line renders the support system pretty much useless for us (and I imagine many others who offer web design and/or related services, and regularly get emails from clients with content or explanations in HTML format)
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