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Free Trail Product for a Period

  • Ugur Terzi shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Admin Area

I have an idea and would like to share with you guys;
For example we have an domain name called

Visitors could purchase (if available on our db) a subdomain (ex; thus they can try our server, services, product (hosting plan) after that it will be terminated automatically after the trial period.

This idea need these;
We can create a trial product + select trial domain(of course it should be located our server) + set trial period (7 days, 14 days etc) + set welcome/trial period ended email template (welcome email contains cpanel credentials)

We can collect user database for newsletters, campaigns etc.
Potential clients can browse our company and services before purchase.
Potential clients can experienced being owner of hosting accounts before purchase. (you know it is scary for beginners)

Question mark in my head:
This subdomain (that user created for try) need to show a html page that present our company/services. Maybe we can fix it by adding a html editor to "trial product" creation process.

Best Regards,


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Thanks, John,

But isn't there another badge for this 6 years old sıuggestion :) instead of "Already Possible"

Best Regards
Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion and to everyone who voted. I'm pleased to be able to advise this is possible using the Auto Terminate/Fixed Term option under the product Pricing tab.

The documentation for this feature is located at

The email which is sent when the free trial period expires can be selected beneath it via the Termination Email dropdown menu.
very good idea

Currently, services are suspended the deadline for payment.

An interesting solution would be to introduce the testing period for the account, which has , eg. 14 days or any number of other days.

Once the trial period if the customer does not pay for the service, the account will be suspended.

If you already have an active hosting accounts and not pay for it, it should be suspended from the next day or any other after the payment deadline.
very good idea
thank you :)
First of all my english was terrible 2 years ago :) on the other hand it was a brilliant idea. Do you still consider?