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30 Votes
Staff Clock in - Clock Out - Report.

Clock in staff - Clicks *Clock In*...Report starts:Michael Clocked in at 08:00 shift started...Michael viewed tickets at 08:00Michael replied to ticke...

13 Votes
Mr - Miss - Mrs - Dr - Sir before First Name so we can see who they are

I've also used services like:Title: MrFirst Name: MichaelSurname: Dance.But on WHMCS we have to make this ourself and it's not in a professional order...

110 Votes
Stop Clients Closing Tickets

I think it would be a great idea if we can stop clients closing certain tickets.For example I would like to stop clients closing tickets that have bee...

41 Votes
Integration with other support platforms like Zendesk or

It would be great if we were able to integrate WHMcs with one of the best support platforms available today.By integrate I mean allowing clients to si...

33 Votes
Ability to assign specific administrators to have access to specific clients' only

We have several staff members who are assigned full time to specific clients. In some cases they're not even staff, but rather contractors. In that...

116 Votes
Configurable "thank you" page / order completed

A configurable, WYSIWYG-editable (like email templates, complete with variables) "thank you" page for completed orders.This is a good place...

254 Votes
Monthly Emailed PDF Statement

We need a monthly statement showing what a client owes and need to be able to dictate the date each month it gets emailed out.It should show which are...

62 Votes
prevent clients from editing custom fields

Hello,currently you can prevent the fields of whmcs standards, would be a good idea to have the possibility of preventing the custom fields.Regards,Al...

36 Votes
Make admin interface fully templated

Make all pages of the admin interface templated (like the clientarea) so that WHMCS admins can set up their installations to exactly meet their busine...

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65 Votes
Report generator

This was suggested by user Tommy Kokko in another thread, and WHMCS Chris suggested opening a new thread to discuss it, so I'm going to do it :)Why n...

35 Votes
Monthly Billing over a fixed term contract

I would like to bill per month for a product which has a fixed 12 or 24 month term (a term contract would have lower monthly payments than a no term c...

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129 Votes
Expense - Balance Feature

I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, e...

21 Votes
Active Directory Integration for Authentication

I would like to see WHMCS integration with Microsoft Active Directory for Authentication into the admin area.

126 Votes
Charge VAT on Add Funds Credits

We are company based in European Union. Here we have to pay VAT from every received payment including credit which client deposits onto his client acc...

10 Votes
Additional Pages

I would like the ability to add additional pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms, Shipping etc

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29 Votes
picture update with details on the product

picture with details on the product tat you sell

33 Votes
Domain expiration email

We need to be able to automatically send a "domain expired" email, so we can confirm it's expired, talk about the grace period/redemption fe...

127 Votes
Product/Service/Hosting renewal notices

Hosting accounts need their own renewal notice system, just like domains have. Having only the invoice generation is not enough, and it's very unfrien...

65 Votes
Bring Back 'Monthly New Orders Income' Report Table

Hi,I always used to use the 'monthly new orders income' table to give me a quick overview of the amount invoiced from new orders over the year to give...

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324 Votes
No payment required on $0.00 orders

If the client is purchasing a free product or using a coupon code that brings the total down to $0.00, they're still required to choose a payment meth...

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