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2 Votes
Disable the WYSIWYG on mass mail

So I just sent out an email to all of my clients which had duplicate content on it because the preview did not show some nested HTML. I do not want a...

6 Votes
Transfer cPanel accounts from one server to another

Have the ability to move a clients cPanel domain from one server to another sever though WHMCS.Example Client Cpanel account is on Server A =>Trans...

1 Votes
Default nameserver from server settings not general settings

The default nameserver should be pulled from the server for that domain not from general settings. If I have more than one server on different hosts...

2 Votes
Prevent Clients from Signing Up with Domains That Already Have an Entry in the cPanel DNS Cluster

This error sometimes occurs after a customer pays for hosting:Order Accept Encountered ProblemsSorry, a DNS entry for already exists, plea...

1 Votes
Separate invoicing for product + addon

WHMCS to issue separate invoices, for new orders & product addons (separate invoice for order + separate invoice for the addon)..

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6 Votes
Auto add salutation to start of support ticket replies

Would be great if WHMCS could have an option to automatically add a salutation to the start of support ticket replies such as:Hello %FIRSTNAME%,

2 Votes
Disable CSRF feature for KB search

I think it would be great to allow users to search directly from an action post. This feature used to work until one of your security updates that in...

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60 Votes
Client upgrades should offer configurable options and confirmation

Client side upgrades should offer the various different options before producing a pro-rata price for the client (and then asking them if they want to...

9 Votes
Insert Knowledgebase Links with friendly URL in Ticket Response

When I insert knowledgebase links on a support tickets from "Insert Knowledgebase Links" it does not show the friendly URL which I have alre...

3 Votes
More bulletproof licensing system for addons

Hello,today I had issue with WHMCS loading very slow. I've checked for denial of service attach, MySQL database queries report and then I realised tha...

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1 Votes
About ModRewriteFriendlyString Utf-8

Replace in whcsm/includes/functinons.php code:[co] $title = foreignchrreplace($title); $title = str_replace("#", "sharp", $title...

2 Votes
iWHMCS power management

Using the Carat power management app developed at UC Berkeley, iWHMCS consistently comes up as the top energy hog on my iPhone 5. Confirmed by 302 ot...

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7 Votes
HTML Email Signature

It would be a great feature to add HTML to the email signature of each staff management.I realize there's a one generic email signature (Global Email...

1 Votes
Download Management/selection (whmcs install/updates)

This isn't my idea at all, I am taking this from the way in which jQuery libraries are obtained.I feel it would be beneficial to all of us if whmcs we...

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12 Votes
Free Trail Product for a Period

I have an idea and would like to share with you guys;For example we have an domain name called comeandtryme.comVisitors could purchase (if available o...

2 Votes
Unsuspend suspended service after payment

When an invoice is paid after the related service became "suspended" because of overdue payment - this service won't become unsuspended auto...

1 Votes
Pay invoices from blanace if credit balance has been refilled before an invoice was created

If credit balance has been refilled before an invoice was created - this invoice is paid from the credit balance.If credit balance is refilled after a...

19 Votes
Orphaned file checker

To find files no longer in use due to upgrades or removal of old plugins. Prevent potential security issues.

1 Votes
Ability to refund transactions without invoices

Sometimes people have paypal subscriptions after cancelling their services. With this there is no invoice with the transaction, just the transaction i...

23 Votes
Option to Disable Template Caching

When changing the templates for pages, it is extremely annoying to have to manually delete the files from templates_c when making small iterative chan...