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Multiple payments for the same invoice.

  • Eugenio Pacheco shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing


I would like to request a feature that's available on other invoicing systems that I saw and which is very interesting. I would like to receive multiple payments for the same invoice for cases where my customer has multiple paypal accounts or doesn't have enough funding on one account. This way the customer could inform the value of the payment, make the payment and that would be credited to that invoice, having an outstanding balance which then could be paid with another paypal account or a credit card for example. This seems to be simple enough, by allowing the customer to inform the payment amount on payments and by filling automatically with the outstanding balance on the invoice. For example:

If there's an invoice of $100 for a customer, he can access his invoice and he's able to change the value (default to the outstanding balance of $100) of the payment to $20 and make the payment using his Paypal account #1. When he access his invoice again, his outstanding balance would be $80 and the value for the payment would be filled $80. The customer could then make a second payment using any payment method and setting a new value for the payment, which would also be credited to that invoice up to the limit of the outstanding balance.


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This is already something clients can do using the Credit/Add Funds functionality. When enabled they can fund their account with any amount of their choosing, via any payment method, and then choose how much they apply to any of their open invoices.
Yes. But when the full balance has been made zero. No further payments on an invoice should be allowed. This should be restricted so multiple payments cant be made to an already PAID invoice.
Yes Agree. also 2checkout payment gateway need some partial payment method.. i saw this feature on WP-Invoice and Pancakeapp invoicing systems..