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47 Votes
eNom DNSSEC Management

eNom supports DNSSEC entries via API calls or manual submission.Adding the API call configurations for DNSSEC management (add, get & delete) will...

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Convert Invoice to Delivery Order (DO)

Hi, could you create function from Admin area where Admin can convert Invoice to DO?It's similiar like convert Quote to Invoice. But from Invoice to D...

5 Votes
Support Ticket Tab - latest first by default please!

In the new tickets tab in admin side (on client overview) can you please reverse the ticket order, latest first rather than oldest.And make the list s...

101 Votes
Option to show/hide payments gateways per country

Hello,I'm experiencing big problems with certain gateways not accepting payments from some countries. It would be great if each gateway has the option...

53 Votes
Stripe BECS Direct Debit Payment Gateway

Hi ,It would be fantastic if we could integrate Stripe BECS into WHMCS. You currently already have SEPA and ACH so I'm hoping it isn't too difficult t...

216 Votes
Set different pricing based on payment gateway

For eg. Keep default for libertyreserve, however if the customer buys from moneybookers, they need to pay additional 5%, additional 4% via bitcoins an...

13 Votes
WHMCS Admin Child Theme support

Make the WHMCS Admin Theme supported by using Child Themes, same way as client area themes and orderforms.

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3 Votes
Show cheapest price after comparing monthly and annually prices

I would highly appreciate if whmcs could add the ability to show the cheapest price after comparing monthly and annually prices as a feature request a...

13 Votes
email marketer - Add Domain Registration to Product Filter

HIWe want to create a e-mail marketer rule to email those who have registered a domain name with us but do not have any hosting products. Currently do...

82 Votes
Service contracts and retainers

Retainers (prepay for an amount of tickets and/or time).Service contracts (pay for monthly support, maybe a retainer wich you are able to subscribe to...

13 Votes
Contracts & Contract Billing

We have some clients that have several contracts with us, and each contract have some different products. It would be possible to bill this clients by...

81 Votes
Domain Addons

Right now it doesn't look like there are configurable options or add-ons that we can specify for domains? It looks like I have to create separate prod...

27 Votes
Allow clients to cancel product addons

Currently if a client wishes to cancel a product addon there's no option to do so other than create a support ticket. It would be great if customers c...

24 Votes
Add a way for to get hyperlink / button - links in the ticket system

Hi,Please allow hyperlink to be imported to WHMCS tickets.Now when a customer sends us an email and use hyperlink or buttons - WHMCS is removing them...

7 Votes
HTML Email Signature

It would be a great feature to add HTML to the email signature of each staff management.I realize there's a one generic email signature (Global Email...

10 Votes
Plesk Temporary Domain Option

Add an Option to WHMCS Product for Plesk Module to be able to select "Give me a Temporary Domain" if a customer does not have a domain name,...

6 Votes
Sendy Newsletter Integration

I saw that WHMCS currently has integration for Mailchimp. It would be nice to see Sendy Newsletter integration as it costs so much less. It’s also sel...

0 Votes
Tab order incorrect when adding new contacts

From:Client ProfileContacts tabadd new contactAfter entering the first name, hitting the [tab] key to go to the next field takes you to 'cancel' inste...

12 Votes
AutoRelease Auto Associate Service - Suspension Ticket

I have support tickets that are automatically opened, but they are not associated with the service.I would like to suggest that they be automatically...

111 Votes
e-mail template preview

WHMCS offers no way of checking to see how an e-mail will look once you've edited it, short of making a fake account or waiting until a customer recei...