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39 Votes
Weekly billing option

I need this feature to be able to sell online advertising as customers are used to weekly billing with adwords, Facebook...

2 Votes
Backup to File Hosting Service - OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox & etc

Currently, WHMCS can only backup using FTP/SFTP, CPanel Backup and Email. Technology is advancing in light speed and users would like to have their da...

14 Votes
Add Google drive as an option to store attachments

Hi, In the new 7.7 version - you added an option to store all the attachments on a AWS S3 server. This is grate news (I requested something similar he...

36 Votes
SMS notifications included inside WHMCS

I have some clients that do not check their email often.I always manually send them an SMS using SMS global. They then pay a few hours later.I think i...

32 Votes
Bulk select and remove products

The option to select multiple products and next deleting them would be helpful for people with a lot of products, for example, a range of dedicated se...

3 Votes
Block function based on country

We get some orders from countries where 99% of them is fraud. We would like to have the option to create some kind of blocking of countries in the ord...

9 Votes
Pin note in support ticket to the top of the ticket

It is now possible to add a note to the ticket that will be within the ticket replies.We would like to see the option to pin one or more notes to the...

3 Votes
Send domain expired notifications even if "Free Domain Reminders" is not enabled

If the automation option "Free Domain Reminders" is not checked and the domain is set to not autorenew, no expiry notification is sent.Howev...

4 Votes
Allow pro-rata calculation from free products on upgrade

Allow pro rata to be calculated (if set) on a free product to a paid product on upgrade.

3 Votes
Tickets Import Filter change for the first Mail was create the ticket

When importing the first mail into the ticket system, it would make sense that the message history is not cut off.WHMCS currently does not distinguish...

0 Votes
Free Product Addon

We should be able to set it up so that a specific addon becomes free when you are ordering a product in a certain billing period.For example, include...

6 Votes
Display payment instructions of PDF Invoices

when viewing invoice in browser with bank transfer as method of payment the bank details show at the top under due date.When the invoice is downloaded...

12 Votes
Notify clients before their account is automatically deleted

From the Automation settings, we can specify if WHMCS should automatically delete clients after X number of months.This is a great feature but it need...

3 Votes
Restrict KB article for all guest and clients both

Hi ThereWe need to block KB article for all users. No one should be able to access it even after logging inThanks

29 Votes
WHMCS SMS Verification

Please considerWHMCS SMS Verification add-on to verify clients contact number.

12 Votes
More API functions for Licensing Addon

I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:* Expanded API to allow m...

5 Votes
Ticket close hook

It would be nice if you could add a ticket close hook which can be called when a ticket is closed by admin or client.

22 Votes
Allow Remote Call to WHMCS Verify Domain to check if someone has a legal license in tandem with License Addon

I'd like to offer up a suggestion that I believe would be VERY beneficial.On the WHMCS public website, we have , wh...

3 Votes
Allow Edit of Creation Date

Why can't we modify the Date Created under project Management ?Sometimes, I create a project that needs to be back dated.... but currently I am unable...

1 Votes
WHMCS also have options to withdraw funds

I can see that WHMCS is a great amazing script. We can deposit funds using the deposit funds button in the client area. There also should have some op...