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NS1 and NS2 prefixes on order page

  • Artur Hatsaturjan shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Order Forms

My feedback from customers - most annoying part of the server order for a customer is to understand what should they put to the NS1 and NS2 prefix fields. Even experienced customers are having problems with that and ask for a help on live chat. Hard to say, how many orders left undone because of this annoying required fields that in real no one uses (in our experience per about 700 server orders, all are happy with and as NS-ses). And even if the form forces a customer to put ns1 and ns2 in the fields, the valuses are replaced later to google or other DNS iPs by us...

I kindly ask you for a more simple way than creating a custom order template just to TURN OFF the fields or make them Optional or set a predefined "default" ns1 and ns2 values in admin on order forms.

Just to be sure a customer bypasses these 2 fields easily by himself and is happy when ordering, not getting a negative feedback.



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Here is one option, nothing fancy, but it works
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.

In the meantime this option can be hidden via a template customisation: