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Server IPv6 Field

Hello!We are starting to assign IPv6 to clients on CPanel servers for hosting packages.We add an IPv6 range to CPanel and then enable IPv6 for a hosti...

17 Votes
Please add Argentine provinces

It would be nice if you can add our provinces to /assets/js/StatesDropdown.js in order to allow better tax settings:states['AR'] = &am...

15 Votes
App for customers

Hello,It would be great an app such as "iWHMCS" or "aWHMCS" but intended for customers.

15 Votes
Build more of the site via the WHMCS Admin GUI area.

To some degree I'd imagine that creating custom templates will always require some custom coding, but there are several things about WHMCS that should...

13 Votes
Allow replace generic product image

Products and services display in the client area with a generic clip-art image such as a disk icon or file box icon. We would like the ability to re...

12 Votes
Dark/night mode in default theme for the admin area

It would be awesome that the default WHMCS theme had a dark/night mode for the admin area. Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. It would be a gr...

12 Votes
Shopping Cart & Module Add-On Images

Dear Support, Please include a feature in WHMCS for us to be able to add images to products and add-ons so they would show up in the shopping card dur...

12 Votes
Clients confused regarding "Account details", "Contacts" and "Users".

Some of our clients is a bit confused regarding the difference of the mail registered under "Account details", "Contacts" and &quo...

12 Votes
Change quantity on product with scaling quantity

Let clients upgrade/downgrade the quantity similar to when up/down-grading product.

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PrettyURL in Custom Pages

WHMCS added support for prettyurl using .htaccess but this only works for native pages. I think support for custom pages should also be included. For...

11 Votes
Apply promotion code to renew hosting, domain, etc. ..

would be good in the customer panel to renew a product if there is any promotion code for renewal may apply a discount

11 Votes
Refactor Powered By WHMCS

Originally Posted on the forums by: kurieuo Here:

10 Votes
List of clients invoices by latest due dates

when you arrive on the list of invoices in the lcient area, the invoices are listed by date from the oldest to the most recent. It would be better to...

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10 Votes
Live search population for Knowledge Base Articles.

Not sure if I missed an addon or plugin but the knowledgebase search bar should show live instant search results sort of like the Google Instant Searc...

9 Votes
Bootstrap 5

Since Bootstrap 5 is currently in public beta and it is what they recommend as their latest version in their site, it would be great time to start pla...

9 Votes
Verify email without logging in to WHMCS

Hey!Customers are facing issues verifying their accounts as it requires login even after clicking on the confirmation link however we just want to ver...

9 Votes
External Downloads URL

I think a new addition should be made to the Downloads portion for WHMCS. When you go to create a download you have manual upload or enter file name....

9 Votes
Mass Invoice Download

Hello,It would be great if you could check off the invoices from the customer area, and download them all at once.When my clients have to file their t...

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Upgrade TinyMCE to 5.3.1 version

#1 Upgrade TinyMCE to newest version#2 Add image gallery plugin#3 Allow admins to customize tinymce, by not encoding tinymce.init

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WordPress Blog Links in Client Area

Presently, when clients login to their client area, clients get to see the "latest news" pulled from WHMCS announcements (see attached). It...

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