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App for customers

It would be great an app such as "iWHMCS" or "aWHMCS" but intended for customers.


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I understand, could provide a "apk" where each company could upload it to, for example: Google Play.
This has come up previously but there are a number of challenges to doing something like this. In particular the branding and customisability since stores like Apple iTunes will show the app as authored by us, and it wouldn't be possible for the listing or app to contain your company name.
That's why we put a lot of effort into creating a fully responsive and mobile friendly web interface on the client side so that clients can administer their account through a mobile web browser. Write a quick tutorial on how to bookmark the url of your WHMCS client center to the home screen and that's likely a much better option for you and your customers.
This is a very good idea, I'd like to see it voted in.

I agree Nathan developing your own is the best option but this would be a nice starting point as long as it allows full control over branding.
While I love the idea of this, just like the API used for admin side. I would prefer developing my own just simply because I'd rather have white labelling & not WHMCS branding on the app as the app would be WHMCS branding for all customers.

Also, the API key would be required to access the API by default.