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Create Mautic Integration

Hi there,You recently launched Mailchimp integration for their email campaigns. It would be great if you create a similar integration with Mautic. A m...

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WordPress Toolkit WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area

WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area, not the only icon in the quick screenshot. We can install uninstall scan,...

20 Votes
Add ability to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links

It is not currently possible to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links. We need this to be translatable from WHMCS, or that it would...

19 Votes
Wave intergration

This is something that would really help small to medium businesses .As 80% of my business runs of wave and adding in a online service (WHMCS) that mo...

19 Votes
Sign up using Microsoft

So were already have "Google, Facebook and Twitter" as an SignUp Provider.Please consider to add Microsoft Accounts too.

18 Votes
Woocommerce/Wordpress Integration

Hi,Please add a way to integrate Woocommerce/Wordpress and WHMCS so one can buy a product in Woocommerce/Wordpress and all the billing, invoicing, pro...

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18 Votes
Direct Download link for subscription licensing control of Products (software) being sold

Allow clients who have purchased a product with a time based update subscription access that ables the to download the product/software via a direct l...

17 Votes
Add Backblaze B2 as storage provider

Backblaze B2 is cheaper than Amazon S3. B2 API isn't compatible with S3 API, so it needs to be implemented separately. Documentation can be found here...

17 Votes
Calendar Utility APIs

Hi, As of now, I do not see any API call related to the Calendar utility.Please add a way to add and or read information from the Calendar utility via...

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16 Votes
Captcha in Custom Pages

I was trying to see how we can use the native integration of Google Captcha in WHMCS inside the custom pages form. Something to easily manage global i...

15 Votes
Registrar TLD Sync to support different list of terms

Hi there,the Domain Pricing configuration in WHMCS allows for configuring* different prices & terms for registration* different prices & terms...

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Passkeys/Webauthn MFA

It would be great to see Passkeys/Webauthn integrated as 2FA option for all admins/clients, it is much easier for end users and should result in more...

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13 Votes
DNSSEC Parameters for Registrar Modules for Cpanel Servers

We have delveoped a couple of registrar modules where they now support DNSSEC as they support entries via API calls. As Z3120 in this request for Eno...

13 Votes Notification Module

You added Slack integration capability but Slack is a paid software and not really open source. is open source and works just like Slack a...

12 Votes
Custom URL for "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons

The "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons which use the Single Sign On (SSO) from WHMCS to cPanel send my clients to the...

12 Votes
More API functions for Licensing Addon

I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:* Expanded API to allow m...

12 Votes
Zoho Product Integrations

There are many Zoho products that would be great to integrate with for those of us non programmers. SaleIQ - Live ChatCampaigns - Email MarketingCRMBo...

12 Votes
AutoRelease Auto Associate Service - Suspension Ticket

I have support tickets that are automatically opened, but they are not associated with the service.I would like to suggest that they be automatically...

12 Votes
Telegram integration

It would be useful to provide customer's users the option to activate notifications via Telegram, as a complement of email notifications.Also to add T...

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add order hook

Hi,We want to request for a hook which can run as soon as order is placed. Whether the order is placed from admin end, client end or from APIThanks,Ra...