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Integration with MyData Greece for online invoicing

Hello,Here in Greece, we must connect our erp (whmcs) with tax office for online invoicing. The connection must be done with MyData(which is governmen...

27 Votes
Woocommerce/Wordpress Integration

Hi,Please add a way to integrate Woocommerce/Wordpress and WHMCS so one can buy a product in Woocommerce/Wordpress and all the billing, invoicing, pro...

24 Votes
Proxmox VE 6.1 Support

A built-in Proxmox Module (for newest version) with support for KVM and LXC would be real useful.

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WordPress Toolkit WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area

WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area, not the only icon in the quick screenshot. We can install uninstall scan,...

22 Votes
Managing AutoSSL from the WHMCS Client Area

It would be great if there a way to enable/disable AutoSSL that is provided by default in cPanel via Comodo from WHMCS for accounts. This way if a cli...

22 Votes
Sign up using Microsoft

So were already have "Google, Facebook and Twitter" as an SignUp Provider.Please consider to add Microsoft Accounts too.

21 Votes
Add support for GoCardless PayTo

WHMCS already supports the older GoCardless BECS API for Direct Debit payments.Direct Debit payments via BECS are slow and take days for payments to s...

21 Votes
Create Mautic Integration

Hi there,You recently launched Mailchimp integration for their email campaigns. It would be great if you create a similar integration with Mautic. A m...

20 Votes
Additional Stripe payment methods

Stripe allows many other payment methods apart from just credit cards such as: debt, google & apple pay, etc...As it is already connected for cred...

20 Votes
Calendar Utility APIs

Hi, As of now, I do not see any API call related to the Calendar utility.Please add a way to add and or read information from the Calendar utility via...

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20 Votes
Add ability to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links

It is not currently possible to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links. We need this to be translatable from WHMCS, or that it would...

19 Votes
Captcha in Custom Pages

I was trying to see how we can use the native integration of Google Captcha in WHMCS inside the custom pages form. Something to easily manage global i...

19 Votes
Wave intergration

This is something that would really help small to medium businesses .As 80% of my business runs of wave and adding in a online service (WHMCS) that mo...

18 Votes
Custom URL for "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons

The "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons which use the Single Sign On (SSO) from WHMCS to cPanel send my clients to the...

18 Votes
Direct Download link for subscription licensing control of Products (software) being sold

Allow clients who have purchased a product with a time based update subscription access that ables the to download the product/software via a direct l...

17 Votes
Add Backblaze B2 as storage provider

Backblaze B2 is cheaper than Amazon S3. B2 API isn't compatible with S3 API, so it needs to be implemented separately. Documentation can be found here...

17 Votes
More API functions for Licensing Addon

I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:* Expanded API to allow m...

15 Votes
Facebook Pixel Api Conversion

Hello,I request a feature that will definitely be an advantage for WHMCS.Facebook pixel conversion api. Such an integration is a must for a Whmcs-styl...

15 Votes
cPanel Licensing Module - Allow Assigning Internal Servers

Allow assigning internal servers, those created for use in WHMCS via "Configuration > System Settings > Servers", not just licenses so...

15 Votes
Support multiple subscription login on same server for Plesk Single Signon

At the moment, support for Single Signon in Plesk is via the mod_pleskaccounts, where the UserID is linked via the panelexternalid to the subscription...

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