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WordPress Toolkit WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area

  • Abdul Wajid shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Integrations

WordPress Toolkit all options should also display in the WHMCS client area, not the only icon in the quick screenshot. We can install uninstall scan, backup restore directly from WHMCS client area As we can from cpanel


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I'd like to add to this - WHMCS implementation of wordpress auto install is too basic. The idea for this option and to allow hosting companies to compete with web site builders is to offer a beginner and advanced option for Wordpress Install. What I mean by this, is you have auto install as the overall feature, but for beginners, there is no reason to expose most of CPanel to them. Instead, there should be options to manage Wordpress directly within WHMCS. Some features would include:

- Single Sign On to admin
- Create staging site
- Update core, plugins, themes
- Create Backups

These are all features in WP Toolkit and should be available via an API call within WHMCS.

The advanced wordpress install, would provide similar features but also give them the power to use CPanel or go directly into WP Toolkit.

As it stands, simply installing a default installation of wordpress, with no single sign on, doesn't work. The customer will still be confused. It seems like a half complete feature that needs a lot more love to be useful. Thanks
Hi Abdul,
Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion.

Can you please help us understand what would be the benefit to you of duplicating a version of the Wordpress Toolkit interface within the WHMCS client area?
Please visit this link. Softacolous provide same feature and it looks like very cool and amazing. IF you provide wordpress tool kit like this then I think it should perfact
and also it's possible that We ar able to add softacolous WordPress management Tab