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More API functions for Licensing Addon

  • Michael Foland shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Integrations
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I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:

* Expanded API to allow more functionality


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Hi Michaell,
Thanks for your suggestion. What API commands would you find useful to have in the licensing addon?
I found two things that would be very useful!

I've been developing a system much like this one, and my hope in the near future is to add the ability to integrate into WHMCS as well, and this can be merged with a topic I recently submitted.

A: The ability to limit how many times a product can be downloaded (especially since I found out how to do automatic updates and install using a separate product, which I purchased from Envato and it works)

B: The ability to use the API to set the status to something like Re-Issued / Automatically re-issue the product once said user clicks an Uninstall Software link..

I notice a plethora of updates to Project Management, and a well-documented API, but there's a severe lack of updates to the Licensing system.