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Create Mautic Integration

  • Roberto Diaz shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Integrations

Hi there,
You recently launched Mailchimp integration for their email campaigns. It would be great if you create a similar integration with Mautic. A more robust self hosted marketing automation software. They also have a simple API you can use.


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I found a plugin that make the work!
did you test it?
I really want this feature also. I find mailchimp expensive for what it is. It has its place but Mautic does so much more for me.
I find mailchimp expensive <--yes, absolutely correct. We do have 26,000 email address and it cost nearly $200 per month while you can host your email gateway and send email via interspire or mautic.
+1 for me
I would love for that to happen.
I need this integrations too :)
I agree 100%. Mautic integration would be awesome!
It would be great if you can add Mautic support to WHMCS...
This would be a great feature, really looking forward to see it implemented!
looks great!!!
That's the serious request I would love to see some integration with Mautic.
Mautic represents a game-changer open source option for serious Marketing Automation.

It would be ideal to track visitors / clients use of WHMCS with Mautic.

Very painful trying to integrate Mautic's tracking code (javascript) as I can't seem to place it anywhere in the template files that does not break the installation's front end.

Please, please get this function added!