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Add ability to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links

  • WHMCS Lawrence shared this idea 7 years ago
  • Integrations

It is not currently possible to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links. We need this to be translatable from WHMCS, or that it would be translated upon default language of the cpanel account, otherwise the feature is useless for people who only speak a language other than the default.

ex :
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Why is this not already fixes, having icons in a different language in our current cPanel environment is confusing for the customers and it looks undone!
Please put this option to us. It is very important.
Please consider this language thing... We need a way to translate those icons in cPanel
I need this too.....
I guess this is not a feature or even idea, It's an uncompleted part of cPanel translation journey.
This should be considered before launching applications links feature.
They're busy with the priorities list.

Thumps up.
I agree, any updates?
I'm currently disable it to not confuse the clients.
Thank you! I also support this request!