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Multiple Yubikeys for the same account

This is not only a feature request for the Admin Area, but also for the Client Area.Multiple other services supports adding a second (or even third) Y...

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26 Votes
SLA Response Times on the Helpdesk / Tickets

Hello,WHMCS Helpdesk should support the feature of allow us to define SLA Response Times per ticket, client, group, product or service.Only this way w...

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24 Votes
Configure which columns to display in "My services" to add-remove new ones

An option to configure which information columns and data to be displayed to the clients in the "My services" option for the clientsWhere yo...

21 Votes
Mass Reply to Tickets

I would like the ability to reply to many tickets with the same message. I think this feature would save time and would come in very useful when havin...

21 Votes
Active Directory Integration for Authentication

I would like to see WHMCS integration with Microsoft Active Directory for Authentication into the admin area.

21 Votes
Sync client email from WHMCS with hosting accounts

We have a lot of clients that don't understand that email can be set in WHMCS for some administrative notifications and in hosting account for some ot...

20 Votes
Client Area Support Ticket Editing.

The way the current support tickets work is that if you ( user) adds to a ticket it will push the ticket to the bottom of the ticket queue, even if yo...

19 Votes
Control: Cash flow and accounts payable and receivable

have a flow control for administrative accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as all connected to a cash flow and may even perform manual e...

18 Votes
Update price percentage

I think it would be nice to have more options to update prices in bulk.How to set a date to apply the new prices, plus you can use percentage as well...

16 Votes
Intergration with OwnCloud Is a open-source cloud solution, would be nice to see working with WHMCS

16 Votes
Captcha for select forms > Admin Login Forms

Hi,in WHMCS 7.7 you added recaptcha for admin area but we can't split the logic of "Login Forms" for client and admin area. Take a look at t...

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15 Votes
View Server Disk Space Usage within WHMCS

It will be really convenient if WHMCS can pull the amount of free disk space there is available on the server in a summarised chart instead of logging...

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15 Votes
Paginated assigned tickets list

Hello,It would be great if you add possibility to see paginated assigned tickets, cause if you have ~ 500 assigned tickets, it is very uncomfortable t...

15 Votes
Add a filter to look for invoices containing custom lines

On the invoice list, add a checkbox (in the Search/Filter tab) to only display invoices containing custom lines (not linked to a service). This would...

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15 Votes
Cancellation Requests Sort

Will you please consider allowing to sort the cancellation requests page in the admin area (cancelrequests.php)? Would be great to be able to sort by...

14 Votes
Separate Install location for clientarea and admin

I think it would be a great idea if it was possible for the /admin and /clientarea.php to be installed in separate locations so that there is redundan...

13 Votes
Dark /nightmode to ADMIN AREA

Please this is very important, because we have to stare at the screen for several hours a day answering tickets, modifying invoices, making various ad...

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12 Votes
Allow CIDR notation in "API IP Access Restriction"

This would be extremely useful for IPv6

12 Votes
Free Trail Product for a Period

I have an idea and would like to share with you guys;For example we have an domain name called comeandtryme.comVisitors could purchase (if available o...

12 Votes
Admin login and authconfirm autofill/autocomplete

Set the correct 'autocomplete' html attributes on the login form to assist with password manager autofillCurrently we've been patching the admin templ...

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