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Remove Powered by WHMCS from Admin Login page

  • Vinith Kumar shared this idea 9 years ago
  • Admin Area

I would like to remove "Powered by WHMCS" from Admin Login page for a No Branding license installation. Although WHMCS support staff claims that the no branding license is to remove whmcs branding from client area because its public facing, they dont remove it from admin area because its not public facing. But as far as I am concerned, the admin area is public facing - it is not on the intranet or a private network and is available publicly.

As far as I am concerned, I am paying for non branded license because I expect it to be completely unbranded. Of course, I know that WHMCS holds the copyright of the software no matter what. And it will be ideal if WHMCS puts the copyright clauses and branding links etc for a no branding licenses inside the code itself and not in the UI. I would really like this as a new feature but will really appreciate a temporary work around for the concern.


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In the admin area, you can edit the footer.tpl file to remove the link to from the main admin area.
From the login page, you can edit *admindir*/templates/login.tpl to remove the link
If you have outsourced your support, you dont want them to see whmcs branding. This is our case.
Not necessarily, only staff members should see the admin area & WHMCS at the end of the day is WHMCS so having copyright on the admin side is for me- I don't see your problem with the admin directory having the copyright in the bottom left?

The logo on the admin side can be removed anyway in the correct template for the admin area so that isn't an issue.
Hi Nathan, no the admin area is not known the clients as I have changed the admin directory. But my argument is that the admin area is public facing as the site is usually installed on a public facing webserver. I can have a workaround maybe using IP restrictions but I am not sure if this is entirely viable for many businesses. Also, I dont know why should my staff know that the staff/admin portal is powered by whmcs! An unbranded software is an unbranded software totally especially when they charge so much for unbranding, period.
I agree with you about the branding - but how is the admin area publicly available, your clients should not be able to see it if you have changed the directory name as you should for security reasons?