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Add a hook for admin login like ClientLoginShare so authentication can be done elsewhere

  • Matt Anderson shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

Would be useful for authenticating administrators via an active directory server or elsewhere. This would come in handy in a corporate environment.


Login to post a comment. - This would be helpful, and is still not implemented.
We are investigating and planning to provide a solution for this feature request.

As noted by Mr. Anderson, this feature request is not about providing a direct support for Active Directory, but a change that could provide the ability for validation dispatch to a 3rd-party routine/system (which may or may not be Active Directory).

The current scope will be limited to Admin's first-factor password validation. This scope will include any routines where in password validation is required for A) login or B) API.

For clarity, second-factor validation is out-of-scope for this feature request since A) second factor validations are by nature a dispatch for authenticity and B) the second-factor system as implemented in WHMCS is already extensible. As well, OAuth behaviors/routines not be modified or negatively affected by any implemented change. Thanks!
On the surface, yes. However, this feature request is a specific way of doing so (by implementing a hook) instead of requiring a full implementation.

I believe this feature request covers your request: