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Bulk Delete TLD Pricing

  • Grzegorz Ciupek shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Admin Area

Hello, since you have provided the option for bulk selection of Domains TLD... I kindly request adding an action as well, for example, deleting the selected TLDs... ^^ It is possible to select checkboxes in bulk, but unfortunately, no action can be performed in bulk ^^ It doesn't make sense. Today, I have multiple TLDs and I would like to remove most of them quickly, but I don't have a way to do it.


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To enable bulk deletion of TLD pricing in WHMCS, you will need to create a custom solution since WHMCS does not natively support bulk actions for deleting TLDs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to implementing this functionality:

1. Backup Your WHMCS
Before making any changes, ensure you have a complete backup of your WHMCS installation, including the database.

2. Custom Admin Module
Create a custom admin module to handle the bulk deletion of TLDs.

a. Create Module Directory
Create a new directory for your custom module in the /modules/addons/ directory, e.g., /modules/addons/bulkdeletetlds/.

b. Create Module Files
In your module directory, create the following files:


3. Usage
Navigate to Addons > Bulk Delete TLDs.
Select the TLDs you want to delete using the checkboxes.
Click the "Delete Selected TLDs" button.
This will remove the selected TLDs from your WHMCS installation.
I have a desire to only offer a specific list of TLDs and with an existing list of hundreds of TLDs to remove these manually it will take ages. Having the ability to delete TLDs I do not want to sell will be a huge benefit and a time saver for everyone.