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32 Votes
PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.I would like to see this feature in the new PayPa...

30 Votes
Change how upgrade/downgrade amount works when changing billing cycle

If you've configured your WHMCS products with monthly, semi-annually and annually billing periods where semi-annually and annually is priced with a di...

28 Votes
UBL invoices

It would be great to have UBL invoices attached to an invoice generated by WHMCS.UBL invoicing becomes more and more popular nowadays.http://ubl.xml.o...

28 Votes
Custom Invoice Status

We'd like WHMCS to have customizable invoice statuses, for reporting purposes, such as Overdue, Collections, Bad Debt and such. I saw another topic wi...

28 Votes
Purchase Order Entry Field

Feature request to add a field for purchase order numbers so that you can search by PO Number. This will allow to search by PO number as this feature...

25 Votes
Big overhaul of the affiliate system.

I would like to request that the affiliate system is overhauled, if you look at there are 9 pages of reque...

25 Votes
Management function for direct debits (GoCardless)

Currently the only way to set up a direct debit is to pay for an invoice. I'd like to see a management feature similar to what exists for credit card...

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23 Votes
Invoice Discounts

I would like to see an option that would allow us to provide selected invoices with special discounts on what is currently listed as the "sub tot...

23 Votes
Add LKR (Sri Lanka Rupees) Currency And Update Exchange Rates for that

There have lots currencies added but not LKR. I'm selling Services using Sri Lanka Rupees. But there have no any Update Exchange Rates support to LKR....

22 Votes
Add different billing period to the quote

We are operating with different billing period on our quotes. Some times it might be per month, others pr year.It would be nice to have the option to...

22 Votes
Self Service Account Statement

WHMCS needs a overall of the whole invoicing system along with statements etc. Either to follow along the lines of Xero and/or the ability to connect...

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21 Votes
"Convert To For Processing" option for new PayPal module

Old PayPal modules had the "Convert To For Processing" option which was dropped out in the new module. We have a WHMCS setup with 4 currenci...

20 Votes
Cancel invoice = create copy of the invoice but with negative amount

I am in EU and using VAT add on for invoicing.I have some invoices that have been issued and need to cancel them.Cancel = create copy of the invoice b...

19 Votes
Do not generate 0.00 invoices

In Europe, Invoices for 0.00 cannot be entered into accounting systems for many WHMCS users. Just keep them in the non-sequential numbering.

19 Votes
Automatic Product/Service Upgrade/Downgrade without first requiring payment

Currently when a customer upgrades a product/service the automatic module upgrade only takes effect once the customer has paid the related upgrade inv...

19 Votes
Change currency rate source

WHMcs uses a currency rate source that is unable to convert automatically some currencies like ARS (Argentine peso).I see similar requests for other c...

18 Votes
Braintree Payment Gateway

I recommend adding Braintree Gateway that uses their Braintree vault. There is now no third party that has a braintree module that utilises the vault....

18 Votes
Add Recurring Expenses, Vendors, and Expense Categories to the Transactions functionality.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to manage basic accounting in WHMCS, and the Transactions feature comes close, but is not optimized to manage...

17 Votes
Support for Stripe ACH/Plaid Micro-Deposits

While the Stripe ACH integration with Plaid is very cool and allows for quick ACH verification, if the customer's bank doesn't support Plaid's integra...

17 Votes
Show 0% Taxes line in Invoices

Some companies (at least in Italy) can have the ability to generate invoice without the needs to apply VAT.This is right now doable on WHMCS but once...