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Add LKR (Sri Lanka Rupees) Currency And Update Exchange Rates for that

  • Nishantha Indika Bandara shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing

There have lots currencies added but not LKR. I'm selling Services using Sri Lanka Rupees. But there have no any Update Exchange Rates support to LKR.

Can you guys add LKR? And Update Exchange Rates for that plz?


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Please add it to WHMCS
Add LKR your whmcs currency
Please add it WHMCS
Adding to lkr this softwere
Whilst it is not possible for WHMCS to obtain the rates for LKR, using the hook, it is possible for you to obtain the exchange rate yourself and apply it to your WHMCS.
Hello Andrew, Do you mean we wanna manually get exchange rate and add it to Currencies in WHMCS? If yes then it was not what we need. We need
Auto Updating Rates

Or else is that u said we can set auto update rates for LKR?
Can you explain this sir?
Add LKR ..
please check and fix this Case. please Add LKR
Please add this currency? We want add it our WHMCS
Please add LKR
Please add the LKR support. Thank you.
We want LKR (SriLanka Rupees ) Currency and Real time Exchange Rate Update for LKR.
There are many Service Selling Company in Srilanka.

We Hope With Next update. Thanks you.
Please add LKR in Your Currency Pannel
Why still not added this. Now 7 months gone