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Duplicate Products / Services

Dear WHMCS,I think it would be really useful to add a new feature to duplicate a Product / Service. A lot of the time especially with web hosts only a...

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Reseller WHMCS Services

Hello, I have a Hosting Company and want to resell their licenses wondered prices.

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Create promo codes from API

Hello,I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the cre...

141 Votes
End of Month Billing

I have a few clients that would like to receive services and then pay at the end of the month for services received.In other words, the bill would be...

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0% V.A.T logic to be added

Hello,For all EU V.A.T registered businesses who sell goods and services to other EU members who are also V.A.T registered should apply a 0% V.A.T at...

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setting default DNS for each registrar

The ability to set different DNS for domain names depending on the registrar that is used to register the domain.This would be beneficial for those wh...

81 Votes
Square payment processor integration

Square ( is a payment processing company that has been on the rise for a while. It would be great if you could allow for them to...

4 Votes
Database migration Boxbilling to WHMCS

Hello, I wanted to ask if you can migrate my database from BOXBILLING in WHMCS If you would like to know what are the costs.

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Hide Sidebar in V4 template of admin area

I want to have a functionality in admin area to hide sidebar in v4 template like you people done at blend template.This will help admin's to see all v...

3 Votes
Satisfaction customer Form

it's possible to create a form of customer satisfaction with custom fields?

21 Votes
Configurable Options Description

When configurable options display on the order pages, it would be nice by default if we could setup a description of each option to appear along side...

11 Votes
Apply promotion code to renew hosting, domain, etc. ..

would be good in the customer panel to renew a product if there is any promotion code for renewal may apply a discount

2 Votes
Quote Roller Integration

Integrating with WHMCS would be great. there was some talk of it here but looks like it was shot down by whmcshttps://quoteroller.zend...

146 Votes
Prevent invoices from being changed

Once an invoice has been "issued" accounting practice in some countries does not allow for the invoice to be modified.I know from a technica...

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WHMCS tables with FOREIGN KEY restrictionsomething like this table:CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ( id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT...

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Add in WHMCS file /includes/whoisservers.php||NOT||NOT||NOT||NOT FOUND

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enom domain password setting

there is an access password of each enom domain, when register a domain in enom, people can set a password in order to manage it in http://access.enom...

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Multiple payments for the same invoice.

Hi,I would like to request a feature that's available on other invoicing systems that I saw and which is very interesting. I would like to receive mul...