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Multi-company support

Eric Caldwell shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

WHMCS needs to have a way to support a multi-tennant or multi-company setup. This would allow companies like mine, which have multiple identities to keep branding in tact while at the same time, consolidating all quoting, support, billing, etc. from a single system.

Having to manage 2 installations is a PITA because you then have to have a separate hosting account, SSL, etc. You can already brand the frontend using the template= syntax in the URL.


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I am not very keen on using external systems like the ones mentioned on this post. It is quite simple to get some core features changed in WHMCS to get those modules broken easily. Even if they get fixed... it is an endless loop.

I really would like to see WHMCS bringing multi-brand as a core feature or even a module developed by them.

I am almost certain that a license fee per brand will probably apply somehow but if it is reasonably affordable I am fine with that.


$1249.95One Time

So what license is your Open Source Version?


Euro 150 One Time for Tools 4 ISP incl. lifetime support, which means no open source version needed.

That's a huge difference in price to the 1249.95 One Time Fee without Support at the Modules garden Module.

So what is the difference and why can't such a simple functionality not be simply part of WHMCS. Why they don't purchase i.e one of those products and integrate it. If those were able to make things happen why not WHMCS or is WHMCS not even interested in getting Multi Company and Multicurrency for each of those company and of course with multilingual customers up and running?