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Quickbooks Integration

  • Rich Quintal shared this idea 11 years ago
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It would be great to have an export to quickbooks module. My company uses quickbooks for time management and accounting for web development work. It drives us nuts to have to enter all the WHMCS invoices at the end of the year!


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There should be a better way to integrate QB+WHMCS. QuickBooks is an excellent accounting system and some companies have more than a Hosting division.
I don know how much work is involved or if feasible but ideally if you could output data in a Quickbooks format whenever an invoice is created/updated or a customer is created/updated, etc. And allow connections from QuickBooks Web Connector so that this data is imported automatically.

I am sure alot of peopel are using Quickbooks.
The clients aren't linked between QB & WHMCS, therefore if there is a misspelling or some other missing identifier they won't match up. It's be nice to have an active link between WHMCS and QB, so if something happens in WHMCS, it's (almost) instantly logged in QB.

Under Reports > Export > Transactions > This outputs client information, Invoice amounts and invoice ID#. Does using this utility not allow for inputing data into Quickbooks appropriately for you? If so, please elaborate.