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Payment Gateway processing Fee

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Hello All,

I want that whmcs should have an option where we can add a % amount of total invoice amount + any fixed amount.

For example paypal takes : Selling is 4.4% + $0.30 USD per sale.

and some gate takes a fix % amount of total sale.

I have seen some 2 - 3 addon for this but no one is reliable as all developed by 3rd party. and some are paid.

So i request from WHMCS developers kindly add this feature in next updates.

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    HelloPlease add option for:If users are selecting particular payment gateway, add some extra charges as fixed amount or some variable percentage of the order sub total to make the final total. This could help WHMCS Admin users to save any extra charges he have to bear for some particular payment gateway. This could also help him to force the user to the best payment method which he wishes for.
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    Hi is possible to add price / transaction fee by choosing different payment module, in percentage, of fixed fee.As Example:I use paypal, bank transfer, and Ideal.So selling domains, when customer select paypal option i lose money.. want paypal ask 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.. what is not calculated in price,, BankTransfer is free, And Ideal transfer cost is 1,5$
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    With Stripe payment fees increasing I think there should be a feature that in the Admin area general settings, admins could add one-time and percentage of payment fees depending on the payment getaway.


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I need this feature also as we need to charge customers who pay the online payment using credit card whereby credit card company will charge us 5% + Fixed fees. Hope this feature will be release soon by the WHMCS. By the way may I know where can I get the thirparty module at the meantime waiting for WHMCS to include this feature ?
Chris Sweeney you just verified what is a fact in your country.
In mine, even the top1 registrar is charging for payment gateway fees. Noone complained about it.

It's in most T&C in my country. I thought only Paypal is on the other side.
So.....WHMCS can make this optional feature, so we dont have to pay a thirdparty module over 50$ (per year).
It's only PayPal that doesn't allow this. VISA/MC/AMEX at least in the USA have settled and updated T&C that you are allowed to pass on your cost to the end user, just not mark it up. So the reason to add it now is different than before. "MOST" payment processor's would be an incorrect statement now. For VISA/MC this started as early as 2013 and now all credit card's have followed here. I even received a printed update from AMEX just last month that spells out you can with them as well.
Actually at least in the US by law now everyone can charge. All the credit card companies settled out of court over a suit over this to allow anyone to charge processing fee's so long as they don't exceed the actual cost. Recently just got emailed letters from American Express and Visa/MC with revised T&C for this.
The point still stands, WHMCS won't implement it as most payment processors don't allow you too charge customers for using their payment gateway.
Please see this:
So because PayPal doesn't allow this we should not be able to do this with other payment providers?There are other providers which charge a lot extra, e.g. paysafecard charges 15%
We should be able to charge clients for the payment so they can choose the cheapest payment method and we can keep our prices competitive.
If I remember correctly PayPal doesn't have such a rule or doesn't actually enforce it here in Europe.
Update, indeed they don't:
  • "4.4 Non discouragement. In representations to your
  • customers or in public communications, you agree not to mischaracterise
  • or disparage PayPal as a payment method. You agree that you will only
  • surcharge for the use of PayPal in compliance with any law applicable to
  • you. You further agree that if you do charge a buyer any form of
  • surcharge that you, and not PayPal, will inform the buyer of the
  • requested charge. PayPal has no liability to any buyer where you have
  • failed to inform the buyer of any surcharge. You acknowledge that if you
  • are permitted to surcharge and your further fail to disclose any form
  • of surcharge to a buyer this may constitute a criminal offence by you."
  • [/co]I know several companies that sell low priced items (e.g. cd-keys for video games) and they all charge customers for using payment methods (including PayPal) and have been doing so for years.
    While it isn't enforced in the EU, it is enforced in other countries, WHMCS is a global software provider, not just an EU software, they won't make this feature - it has already been denied as shown in my link.
    That is stupid Nathan, not making something an option because it isn't allowed somewhere else is not a reason to do it. If so then as the program exist today some things it does is not allowed in some places. Fact of the matter is after much litigation that MC/VISA/AMEX and I am 99% sure Discover all allow this now. Actually I'm almost certain PayPal can not legally stop you from charging it now as the card provider allows it.
    WHMCS can just make it an optional feature. Problem solved for companies outside the EU.. The software should indeed be made for world wide use, which shouldn't rule out functionality because of one country or company.
    It's just like with legislation, your software needs to be able to comply to the legislation of multiple countries and thus needs to have multiple options to charge VAT. (e.g. VAT MOSS) according to your explanation this wouldn't be possible.
    Your link is specific about PayPal and the request was denied because it's against PayPal's terms of service in the United States. (I wonder if WHMCS was aware of this being allowed in Europe and possibly other countries, because it might have changed their decision making.)
    Besides this request is about payment gateways in general and is not bound to the terms of service of one payment gateway in one specific country.
    Only one problem, WHMCS has already denied it & personally I would never purchase through a company that charged me their payment processing fees.
    Big deal they already denied it, doesn't mean it can't be considered now when laws have changed. Also big deal you wouldn't buy from someone, times are changing. We pay more for buying gas with a credit card so why not your web hosting? If you are offering a low margin item, marking up your processing fee there is nothing wrong with it. No different then a business that offers a cash discount.
    So you'd rather pay 15% extra so a company can cover the costs of expensive payment gateways, like paysafecard? A lot of markets have a "pricewatch" which allows you to look for the cheapest place to get a product or service, including the payment method you want to use. These people would have the choice between company A that offers a product for €30 + 3% transaction fee for their desired payment method(resulting in a nett price of € 31) or company B that offers it for €35 euro but doesn't charge extra for any payment gateway. I think it's obvious which option they'd choose, especially if it's for a recurring service.
    Customers do not pay the organisation's payment processor, it is not right.

    >> So you'd rather pay 15% extra so a company can co
    I wouldn't be paying it, the organisation would, if you can't cover their payment processing fee, I would suggest moving to a new processor.
    If people want to use a payment gateway/processor then they should be free to do so, even if it's an expensive one. When customers pay for the fee's they will generally choose cheaper payment providers, the more expensive ones will lose revenue. That is good for the competition and innovation in the free market.

    Anyhow, I don't see why you are so opposed to this feature request. It's up to the organization to decide how they run their business. Giving them more flexibility is only a good thing.
    Nathan Hilton you are using Paypal so you already pay the organisation's payment processor.

    So this is a request with votes. Vote no and spare the rest. The most vote wins.

    Its already been recommended to be optional feature.
    I'm not 100% against it, I have no issues against organisations charging their customer the fees that the organisation should be paying. However, coming from a customer's prospective, I would never purchase from a company that would charge me a fee that the organisation should be paying - I'm seeing this from a customer's perspective.
    So you are saying that you are not using Paypal or Credit Cards at all. OK. Good for you.
    I use many different payment processors, however I would never expect my customers to ever pay a processing fee that my organisation is being charged to use the payment gateway.
    That way a company would never be able to offer anything extra or innovative above their standard package, because they should offer all their customers the exact same product for the same price. If a customer needs something extra they can't have it because it isn't covered by the price of the standard package and paying more is not an option.

    I can understand that a customer who isn't expecting this fee might be frustrated, but you can't keep everyone happy. If a business loses one customer because of this but gains three new customers because they offer a better deal then so be it.

    And to be fair a lot of customers (including myself) are happy to pay these fees knowing they still have the best deal there is on the market.
    You are already a customer of Paypal and a Bank with transaction fee through credit cards. If not using only cash....
    Yet, making the super fee also doesn't show a company as a strong company in a customers perspective.
    Also it shows that they don't own the stuff they sell as they can't sell it at a price without needing a payment processor fee, now before you think I'm predicting that you are one of these, it was an example of a customers perspective - if you see where I'm coming from with this.
    It's different with addons like licences, third party software...
    That is your point of view, but shouldn't I be allowed to run my business how I want to? So shouldn't this be an optional feature so that I can run it the way I want to? There is no harm done for your business if you decide to not use this feature, it's optional after all.
    Besides it would make the income forecasts a little more accurate if we could add procession fee's to payment methods. I have a few gateway modules that don't report these to WHMCS at the moment and I would love to have the ability to set them manually or to let the module handle that (since some modules support various payment methods with different fee's.)
    WHMCS should implement this feature with the option to disable it, for those who has a different opinion.

    I agree with Gijs van der Velden
    Thanks for you thumbs up, Gijs van der Velden !

    I agree, this should be in WHMCS. We shouldn't have to resort on expensive third party modules for such a small/limited feature. Especially considering it needs to be renewed every year and needs to be tested for every WHMCS update.
    I would never go with a company that charged there clients the payment gateway fee.
    Thank you for your advice.
    1. If people see that you are charging them the fee that you should be charged, they are more likely to leave and not recommend you (e.g. this company charges the client the money they should be charged) - that won't look good in any body's view.

    2. No I do not work for WHMCS, however have worked for similar companies, I can guarantee that it is not WHMCS's job to make your clients pay the payment gateway fee that the third party charges YOU.

    3. Yes it is a request form, yes you can post your needs, however it's also a open discussion so I posted my view on it - I also posted a link in which you can see an official partner of WHMCS has created.
    Anyone is free to look for the best place and prices, when is more payment modules,, customers can look for one without extra fee.
    Also if customers will go away its one more reason why is your link and module to expensive. (For me.)
    You work for WHMCS??
    If yes.. tnx for answer and tips...
    If not.. how you can make decission what is :: WHMCS's job ..
    Its an request forum, and i have request what i need, WHMCS peoples will see if they will make this option or not.. I pay my contribution to WHMCS and they have this forum, to me is to ask something what i think I need.

    Anyway that was not the topic..
    It's not my module, just telling you that it's not WHMCS's job to remove the payment charge that third parties charge you for using its services - if a company attempted to charge me the 3.4% + 20p (UK PayPal) that they should be paying - I'd look somewhere else.

    Its a feature only, so that whmcs admin can decide whether to use it or not calculating its impact on their clients
    Hi Nathan, this request like me need to be in core of WHMCS, and your module is bit to expensive. Anyway tnx.